Sleep is an essential component of each one’s life. One cannot deny the important role it plays in making individuals stay active all day long and put their best foot forward. Do you know sleep is directly linked to one’s mood and the overall performance at the job? Well, better the sleep, better is considered one’s health.

Considering the present-day hectic lifestyle and the constant juggle between professional and personal commitments has left a dearth on our sleep requirements. The eyes seem deprived for the Nectar of sleep and the body longs for a good slumber to recharge its battery. However, it's not only the outside environment but also the interior of your house which can either aid induce sleep or keep you sleep deprived.

Why is sleep important?

Our body needs a constant recharge to work actively. And sleep is of utmost importance. It not only helps one stay active throughout the day but it is during sleep that the body conducts major repairs of cells, detoxes the system and builds muscle. Lack of sleep leads to the building of toxins thereby reducing brain activity. Hence, sleep deprivation leads to cranky behavior, less concentration, and headaches in the morning.

However, while it is impossible to change the exteriors, one can surely work on the interiors of their house to make it sleep-friendly. Well, the interiors do play a major role in inducing sleep.

So, are you finding it difficult to shut your eyes and get a good night sleep? Do you often wake up to foggy day and need the extra cup of coffee to stimulate you to carry on for the day? Well, trying these 10 home décor suggestions can help you sleep better and make your day prolific.

Check out below the top positive home décors for good slumber:

  1. Better lightings and sound

Lights and sound play a major role in keeping our brain active. This is the very reason why staying up late playing on smartphones or being exposed to loud sound can leave you deprived of sleep. In addition, light also aids in keeping us awake. So, the foremost home décor solution is getting the window treatment done and choosing the right colorations for walls. According to science, darker rooms make one feel asleep by releasing serotonin which is a sleep-inducing hormone while brighter rooms keep us awake. Thus, opting for shades and drapes in darker colors can help in turning the room dark thereby aiding one get better sleep.

For cutting out noise try adding fan or fountains or white noise machine that can cut away the sounds interrupting slumber.

  1. Have a good bedding

Are you waking up cranky? Do you complain of back pain and often keeping hopping on your bed? Well, then the culprit for your sleeplessness can be your mattress as well. As per research, the kind of bed that you sleep can affect your sleep patterns. More rigid the mattress, much difficult it will be to sleep sooner. Dreamcloud mattress is known for their best super king mattress that will render one a good night sleep hassle free. Based on your bed size whether it is king sized or queen sized, they offer mattresses that perfectly fit them. Their specially crafted California king mattress sizehas been acclaimed by people from across the world for its smooth texture and finesse finish.

Are you confused about which mattress to buy? Sleep authority offers sound solutions and aids individualsdetermine right mattress. It encompasses features and points that will help you to get the best mattress. It gives great pleasure to sleep on a good mattress, not just because of the quality but it seems that the body gets a blend with the mattress. In other words, you can say that mattress bold itself according to your body. This where the body achieve its comfort zone, and you feel relaxed.

So, the next time spread your mattress with California king sheetsrendered by Nectar, and get a good night sleep.

3. Change your pillows

Sleep Apnea is another problem faced by many that leading to insomnia. However, the main culprit can be your pillow. Soft pillows which are not in proper level leads to snoring problems which blocks the air while breathing.Levelsleep offers specially crafted pillows for snoring with its adjustable features and premium quality foam. It renders support to your neck thereby reducing snore.

4. Add some greenery

Adding greens to your home décor is a sound solution. Clean air helps rejuvenate our body during sleep. Adding plants to your house aids in boosting the air quality thereby filtering it out of toxins and increasing the oxygen content. If you are facing sleep troubles, add few plants like daisies and gerbera daisy that are known to give out more oxygen at night. However, ensure to not add any toxic plants which can be harmful to your pets and kids.

5. Get a Bean Bag

Bean bags not only enhance the overall look of the house, but they are also multipurpose. One can use it for relaxing, binge watching as well as falling asleep sitting on the bean bag doesn’t lead to any discomfort too. Bean bags contain small beans that offer good acupressure for back without making it rigid and creating back problems.

Homewelldesigned is renowned for their well-polished rugs available in different designs that aids in enhancing the overall interior. Also, there you can buy the rugs on sale at affordable prices. Else, you can visit Otto furniture’s website and know how much are bean bags .

6. Create a separate place for pets

If you have a pet at your place, the best suggestion is to create a separate space for it outside your bedroom. Sleeping with pets in your room can lead to disrupting sleep. If your pet dreams of chasing any squirrel or rat there are all chances of you getting woken up out of sleep. Thus, no matter how much you love your pet, choosing a perfect sleeping spot for your animal kingdom can aid you to rest comfortably without falling prey to insomnia and sleep deprivation.

Having a perfectly decorated interior with right coloring, and lights can do wonders to one’s mood aiding one get themselves heavenly sleep without trouble

Published by Alice Queen