Reading is the best way to learn and improve your mind! Whether it's on business, personal growth, or any topics that you are interested in, never stop learning. Here is a list of books that has helped me a lot and hopefully will help you too!

1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I think everyone who has achieved success or on their way have read or are reading this book! If you’re a young person like me and have realized that you want to get serious in life in a way that you’re happy and ready to understand how to be successful in all aspects of life. This is a MUST read!

2. Inner Excellence by Jim Murphy.  While I was in Queensland I came across this book. This book is what got me interested in the rest of the motivation/success books that will be listed here. Jim Murphy is an excellent coach and in this book are some stories of athletes, how they worked hard on something they are passionate about and how their coach have helped them toughen up their mental state! If you’re feeling like you are about to give up, Read this!

3. Empty Hands, A Memoir: One Woman’s Journey to Save Children Orphaned by AIDS in South Africa by Sister Abegeil Ntleko. Okay so this book isn’t really about business. It’s about a woman who came from nothing and was able to start her organization to help save children from AIDS. She was passionate and didn’t care about the fact that she was the oldest one in class due to her lack of money to be able to attend school at the right age and that back in her days women were not expected to go to school, and finish uni! Which she all did, despite the fact that she was about to get disowned by her own father! As long as there is passion and lack of greed and selfishness, you will get there! THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK.

4. Manifestation Miracle by Heather Matthew. If you want to reach success first you must know yourself. This book was recommended to me by a woman who has and still is continuing her success! It has helped me a lot in being 100% sure about what I want and ways to get there! Some people might say these stuff don’t work or might ridicule you for it but who cares! By reading them you are taking steps to your dreams!

5. Risky is the new safe; the rules have changed by Randy Gage. Excellent book and pretty much sums up how it is to not only survive but reach success completely in the world today. The system is no longer the same and people are reaching success by taking risks! So why not stay above the fray?

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