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New York City runs on coffee. It does not matter which part of the city you are in; you will always see someone with a cup of coffee in their hands and there are more coffee shops than you can count. If you would go to a different one every day for a year, you will probably have seen not even half of them. So, which places are worth visiting when you are in New York? Where are they? And why should you visit them?


This one is obvious. You do not have to look for it far, because you can find one on every street. Actually, you are never more than 5 blocks away from a Starbucks in Manhattan and there are almost 300 locations. Starbucks is known all over the world. It is the perfect place to go is you want a 'fancy' cup of coffee, because they have a lot of different flavors and you can customize your drink. My favorite drink during the summer was a Cold Brew Sweet Vanilla Cream. Now, I love their limited edition Pumpkin Spice Latte, like so many other people. Starbucks can be a little expensive if you just want a regular cup of coffee or a simple latte.

Joe Coffee

To get a good cup of coffee Joe Coffee is the place to go. They have a few locations throughout Manhattan. You can find them on the Upper West Side, in Greenwich Village and in the East Village. The employees at Joe Coffee really know how to make a simple latte outstanding. They do not have a lot of options, but you can get every basic caffeinated drink, hot or cold. The people are friendly and helpful. The locations are cute, cozy and feel very homey, but they are not very big. Joe Coffee is a great place to grab a quick cup of coffee to go.

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters is another awesome place to go for a cup of coffee. Unlike Joe Coffee, I prefer to take a seat here and stay for a while. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters has some locations throughout Manhattan too. I really like the one on the Upper West Side on 79th Street. The entrance is small and if you do not know that, you will probably walk past it, but the store is actually a lot bigger than other coffee shops. If you walk all the way to the back, you will find a room where people are working, reading, having meetings or just hanging out with friends. I like this location because you can really relax and escape the busyness of the city here. At Irving Farm Coffee Company, you can also order breakfast, salads, sandwiches and pastries, but I think they are best at making coffee. 

The Coffee Bean & Tea leaf

In the summer, you can get the best iced drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They are famous for their Ice Blended Coffees, which are basically coffee slushies. If you want to have a cold caffeinated drink, this is the place to go, but I would not order a flavored drink. They do make them, but they use powders instead of syrups and you are always able to feel the little grains in your mouth, which I do not enjoy. If you want a vanilla or cinnamon (iced) latte, it is best to add the flavor later, because they have these little shakers and you are able to add as much or as little as you like. Over all, their Ice Blended Coffees are really worth a try. You can find them on few locations in the city.

Birch Coffee

If you are ever looking for a place to get away from New York City, without actually leaving the city, Birch Coffee is the place to go. They do not really have a specialty; they just make every drink great. Coffee, tea, iced drinks and some pastries is what they serve and they make them all just right. I like to sit here with a book and read the entire afternoon. At Birch Coffee, I can really get lost in the world I am reading about. What I like about these places is that the seats are not crammed together, so you have some privacy. Again they have a few locations throughout New York City. 

Toby's Estate Coffee

Let's finish with my favorite coffee place, Toby's Estate Coffee. I first came across this shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which was actually their first location I found out later. They do not just serve coffee and tea, you can also order breakfast and lunch and they even have a brewery inside. There are more locations in New York, but this one is my favorite. Mainly because it is a very big and open space and the storefront is made of glass, so there is a lot of natural lighting. The high ceiling and the bookshelves make this place unlike any other coffee shop. If you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, you should definitely visit Toby's Estate Coffee and otherwise you have to visit one of their other locations in Manhattan. 

That is a roundup of the best coffee places in New York City. If you ever visiting New York do not just go to Starbucks, but go to one of the other places as well. You will not be disappointed! I am sure there are many more amazing places to go for a cup of coffee in the city, so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.


Merel from My Blue Striped Life

Ps. Not every coffee shop has Wi-Fi, so keep that in mind. Sometimes you will see people working on their laptops even if there is no free Wi-Fi.

Published by Merel Makkus