Confession time... I am a huge nerd. Whew, feels good to say it out loud or type it in this case. Seriously though, when it comes to certain aspects in life such as books, movies and video games I can get very excited. Especially when it comes to Marvel or DC Comic movies that hit the theaters. Let's face it, superheroes, whether mutant or mortal, have a gravitational pull. Anyone who has a favorite superhero or even villain (even the bad guys are relatable) knows what I'm talking about.

Who is your favorite superhero or villain? And why are they your favorite? For me it's Batman, has been since I was 5 and always will be. Heck, I dressed up as Batman for Halloween when I was five years old. Keeping the streets safe while trick-or-treating! A young multi-tasker was I. I even loved watching Batman and Robin with my Dad, who by the way is the one who got me hooked to the superhero/villain world. As I grew older I began to look at the character of Batman in a different way, not in a negative way, more of a relatable way. See as a youngster I loved the whole masked crusader, kickin' butt and keeping the citizens of Gotham safe story. As a teen I began paying more attention to the man behind the mask, Bruce Wayne. I'm a sucker for two things when it comes to movies or books, true stories and backstories of characters. Batman/ Bruce Wayne is a perfect example. Batman wasn't born with some sort of genetic mutation that made him a superhero, he made a decision to become Batman.

Not to get too personal here, but I have had an interesting life to say the least (being born with a genetic disorder will cause that) and the story of Batman ,both masked hero & human, have helped get me through some tough times. Especially during those infamous teenage years. Even though Batman/ Bruce Wayne is fictional, I find this character extremely relatable in the facts that he was someone who went through a tragic ordeal as a child which rippled throughout his life, he made a decision to help others where he couldn't help himself. However, with taking on the great responsibility of protecting Gotham he slowly started to heal himself. I think that with every life he saved a piece of himself was also saved.

This lesson helped me in remembering that even though there are times of toughness in life and times when you'll fall, you must always get back up. I also love Batman because he wasn't a born superhero with a genetic power, no offense to all those who were, but behind the mask is a human and  that inspires me a bit more. Knowing that you don't have to technically have a superpower in order to save the world. Without Bruce there'd be no Batman. Plus, there's just something about the Batman symbol. I mean come on, it's frickin' awesome!


Published by Derra Sabo