Today is the day! I finally reached 200 days of writing daily.

I honestly feel that this time was very challenging. When I started this blog I wasn't in college at the time. I was on summer break. But when I went back to school, I realized how hard this was going to be. And it wasn't just school. It was other things that occurred in my life.

The chance I would literally have time to write will be when I'm waiting to go to my next class, taking a break from homework, and when I'm not driving. It was actually rare when I was able to type on the computer.

Also, I feel like this is the most I have ever had writer's block. I realized that how I ended Succession in my script is not that way I truly wanted to it. It just felt really sloppy. I also didn't want to rush the ended. That's why I had a lot of pacing issues. It was like my brain telling me to fit everything in one chapter.

What's beyond 200 days?

I'll be doing some construction on the web.

Music Mondays will return.

Also, remember when I did "Instead of Said Saturdays?" That will be moved to my Instagram.

Of course, whenever I get the chance, I always give writing advice.

I just started a Redbubble. I'm super excited. You'll be able to buy merch based on writing quotes, inspiration, and just relatable things all writers know. Also, I wanted to put my art on there.

Let's strive for 300 days!

Hang on tight, we’re writing something great.

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Published by Shannell Assem