I decided I’d join in with Making a ’30 Things Before 30′ List. Mine isn’t full of travel adventures, nor is it things which I consider to be life goals. It’s a list that I (think I) can achieve taking into account my Adrenal Insufficiency, fun things which I’ve either never done, or activities I enjoyed and want to do again. It might also be subject to change. In no particular order (except for the random way they came into my head):

  1. Ride a Horse. I’ve ridden ponies, never a horse. I don’t know if I can actually physically get onto a horse, so I’m likely to fail before I start, but I thought I’d write it on the list anyway!

  2. Go on a Spa Day. Lots of girls do this and rave about it. It involves a lot of sitting down doing nothing- something which I am very good at!

  3. Make a wearable piece of clothing. I love knitting and have recently taken up sewing. I’ve knitted jumpers in the past, so I want to try to sew a (wearable) piece of clothing.

  4. Volunteer for a charity. I’ve done plenty of volunteering in the past, and I like doing it. This is now not very easy for me to physically do, which is why I want to do it again.

  5. Go to a Christmas Market that’s not just the one in Birmingham. I’ve been to a few Christmas Markets in Europe, and the Birmingham one every year. I want to go further afield to a different one. 

  6. Sell at a craft fair. Kind of continues on from number 3. I like the idea and I’ve not done it before.

  7. Go see a musical and stay the night in London. I’ve done this before, it’s fun, I want to do it again!

  8. Be a tourist in London. I’ve done bits of London touristy things, but there’s more to see.

  9. Go for a picnic in a park or a forest. Again, done it before.
  10.  Go punting. I’ve been rowing before. I’ve never been punting, it looks like fun. 
  11. Do yoga outside. I generally like doing exercise outside and being outside. Except I can’t do exercise anymore, except for really, really basic yoga/physio. So this is a compromise to ‘exercise outside’.

  12. Make brioche. I ate brioche every day for breakfast when I lived in France. Amazing stuff. So I want to bake it myself. 

  13. Sleep in a yurt. I love camping, again, because of loving being outside. I can’t go camping but I *possibly* will manage sleeping in a yurt/glamping…

  14. Learn to play Mvt II Sonata Pathetique (Beethoven) all the way through. This sounds relatively easy- just sit down and practise it right? Not really- my endocrine brain can’t cope with remembering information, which includes muscle memory ie, I have very little retention from day to day. This will be a challenge for me!

  15. Make my own fruit juice for breakfast. I like mornings and I like fruits. Why not? 

  16. Practise Spanish in an actual situation. I’m learning Spanish online, so I’d like to test it out sometime.  

  17. Go/watch ice skating. I don’t think I’ll manage this one, it’s probably too much physical work. I used to love ice skating, and I was pretty good- I’ve never fallen over ever! So I will compromise with ‘watch Ice Skating’.

  18. Read all of the Harry Potter books in order. I love Harry Potter. I have nothing but time, and I know the books inside out, so I won’t have to keep rereading bits to remind myself of what’s going on.

  19. Make mojito ice lollies. I saw them on BBC Good Foods. I can’t drink alcohol, so maybe this can be a Summer compromise!

  20. Learn how to crochet properly (even if it is bad). I. Can’t. Do. It. (Yet). So I want to learn!

  21. Re-read a book in French. We read books in French as part of our University course. Reading a book in English is hard enough for me at the moment, so re-reading a book I’ve read before in French might be within my reach (it might end up being Harry Potter in French…) 

  22. Host a raclette party. I love raclette. I can’t cook for myself anymore, otherwise it would be ‘host a dinner party’. The beauty of raclette is that you can prep it in advance in chunks and put it in the fridge ready to go. It might take a couple of days prep in my case, rather than the intended couple of hours, and I suspect my husband will end up doing most of it (sorry), but I want to try! 

  23. Listen to BBC Proms concerts. I forgot how much I love listening to music- when it’s your job, it’s easy to forget why you got into it in the first place, if you don’t have any time to enjoy it. I have lots of time now, and I have to spend a lot of time resting (ie lying down), so this seems to fit perfectly!

  24. Record a song on GarageBand. Or Logic. I’m not going to write a song, just record a song in. Sounds pretty lame, but I can do it in bits, and it’s similar to my reasons in number 23. 

  25. Play Pokemon Go. I don’t really like Pokemon, but I don’t hate it either. It’s more because I can’t walk very far at all, so this is actually a lot of a challenge for me. But it’s not the same as a sponsored walk/run event where you have to do X amount of distance at a specific time, I can do it as and when (I believe I can do it in my house??), within my limitations, and with someone else. Plus I get to see what the hype is about!

  26. Eat tapas. We went on Honeymoon to Spain and had amazing tapas, apparently. I don’t remember since I was in what we now know was Adrenal Crisis the whole time. I’d like to eat some more good tapas which I can remember!

  27. Visit a castle. I’ve visited a lot, I like them.  

  28. Go to the seaside/beach and paddle. I’ve done this a lot, I like doing it.

  29. Play in a band rehearsal. The last time I played clarinet in a band rehearsal 2 years ago, my paramedic 1st clarinet friend had to call me an ambulance and I was admitted to hospital for 2 weeks. A whole rehearsal is not achievable, but it would be quite fun to play a piece (or two…)! This is something I would clearly have to build up to, and might not actually ever happen. 

  30. Go to a Carol Service. I love carol services! I used to play in them every year- I loved playing in the Christmas seasons. This year I want to go to a ‘proper’ carol service as a congregation member.   

What would be on your list?

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