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New Year’s has come and gone, and so have many weight loss resolutions. If you’re anything like me, you have to distract yourself from temptation and trick your body and mind that you’re having a wonderful time – even when you most definitely aren’t. Anyway, I have personally been dieting and exercising since the end of last December, and I’ve picked up a couple of tricks along the way to get me to stay motivated. Long story short: I’m down 20 pounds and only have 5 more to lose until I reach my goal!

*** Small Note: I’m not suggesting you need to diet, and most experts say you need to eat AT LEAST 1,200 calories a day. Dieting and Exercising in healthy moderation will get you the most successful results! ***

Tip #1: Keep a Food Journal

I like to stay organized, so tracking my daily calorie intake and amount of weight lost is super helpful. Keeping an actual food journal can be a pain in the butt since it’s inconvenient to lug a notebook to In N Out with you, so I suggest downloading a diet tracking app! My favorite one is Lose It! since you can search for food items in their huge database, add your favorite recipes, and even scan barcodes on packaged goods. Also their personalized weight charts let you see your progress. I never liked looking at graphs until I started losing weight with Lose It!


Tip #2: Exercise with a Friend & Keep It Fun!

This is a biggie! When I’m not at work or school, I might as well be the laziest human being to walk the planet. The only marathons I’ve ever participated in were the ones that showed back-to-back episodes of South Park and the Chappelle Show on Comedy Central. I NEED outside encouragement to get off my couch.

For example, I went on a hike 2 months ago with my friend Oliver, and it was a blast! If you had told me beforehand that I was going to hike 4 miles up a mountain and then 4 miles down by myself, I would have conveniently gotten a horrible case of food poisoning. Five hours and one gnarly sunburn later, I realized that I had fun accomplishing what I thought was the impossible.

I also like Chuze Fitness for this reason! My membership is $20 a month, and with that I get to bring a free guest each time. I bring my boyfriend with me based on the agreement that he’ll buy me Chipotle once a month. I get my burrito bowl and he gets someone to spot him. #SymbioticRelationship


Tip #3: Wear Tight Clothing When You Go Out to Eat

This sounds ridiculous, but trust me it works! Nothing makes you want to portion-control more than feeling like a human sausage. I made the rookie mistake of wearing stretchy pants to Thanksgiving dinner last year, and let’s just say we didn’t have many leftovers…


Tip #4: Keep Drinking to a Minimum

No one my age likes this tip, but it makes a HUGE difference. Not only do mixed drinks (at least the good ones) have a lot of calories in them, but they encourage you to make bad decisions. And by bad decisions I’m referring to being halfway through a tray of carne asada fries, when you suddenly remember that you’re on a diet. My rule of thumb (generally speaking): go out for drinks once a week and never have more than 2 or 3.


Tip #5: Bring Your Lunch to Work

This saves you pounds and money! You can always go out to eat for dinner, so invest in a lunchbox and get some good groceries for the week. If you’re not a fan of meal prepping or simply don’t want to spend half of your Sunday cooking enough whole wheat pasta and brown rice for a small village, stock up on some Lean Cuisine Marketplace frozen entrees. They’re cheap and the somewhat gourmet version of traditional Lean Cuisines (P.S. I like the Vermont Mac & Cheese and the Enchilada Verde ones).



I have a legitimate argument for this. It all starts with you wanting to learn a new way to apply eyeliner, and then a post pops up for zucchini pasta. You click on it thinking, “Well it’s a diet recipe, what can go wrong here?” Then under related posts you see 8 cheese bread crumb macaroni and cheese. You ask yourself, “How do they get 8 types of cheese in that little bowl, and are there even 8 different types of cheeses in the world?” That’s how everyday becomes a cheat day! Also, 9 times out of 10 you don’t actually make the recipe, you just get insanely hungry and eat everything in your house. JUST DON’T DO IT!


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