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Today I’m going to share my goals for the month of August, which I can’t believe s already here! That’s more than half of 2016 gone already, which is just insane to me! Check out some of my goals below for this month!

I’m hoping this is the month my boyfriend and I finally sign a lease for a permanent place to live! We’ve been subletting monthly for the entire summer and I’m ready to find a place of my own, being able to decorate it however I like and being able to throw away all my cardboard boxes!

I’ve been reminiscing on the years of dance lessons I had as a child and thinking about taking some adult dance classes for the past few weeks, but what better time to start than the present! This month I want to try out a dance lesson, since I love to dance and it’s also a great way to stay in shape and gain flexibility.

The beginning of August marks my boyfriend’s 21st birthday, which I am incredibly excited to share with him! He’s finally able to enjoy the long lines at bars, the crowds of sweaty people swaying in one spot, and the puddles of bodily functions on the streets every weekend, the true joys of young adulthood!

I had a goal at the start of the year to read 50 books and I’ve been failing in that task to be completely honest. I love reading but have struggled to make time daily to read, so this month I want to pick up my books again and get back into working out my brain!

August marks the end of summer, and before it truly ends I want to enjoy one last beach or pool day, sitting out in the warm sun and reading, swimming in the cool water, and just enjoying life!

Since we plan on making our (hopefully) last move this month, I want to get back into DIY projects for our new home. I used to do a lot of DIY for my dorm, and now that I’ll be settling into a new place I want to pick that back up again!

With the end of summer comes the fall wardrobe coming back out! I want to grab a new pair of ankle boots for my staple fall wardrobe, and just bring back the leggings and boots and pack away the shorts and crop tops! I love the fall weather for the warm hoodies and cute cardigans!

Lastly, this month I want to stomp into the ground the terrible writer’s block that I’ve had! These past few months I’ve been feeling pretty down on myself, and with feeling better comes getting back into my passions and hobbies. I want to plan out more blog posts, write more articles, and just feel incredibly confident in my writing abilities!


Well that’s what I have for my August Life List, hopefully I can slap myself upside the head and stick to the plans I’ve made for the future! What are some goals you have for this month? Let me know in the comments below!

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