I grew up in a subdivision where there were only two kinds of houses, bungalows and two story houses.  I think they only used two different blueprints for the entire subdivision of a few hundred houses.  The only difference in many houses was the way the owners customized their yards and gardens.

    When builders today build houses they have many different blueprints from which they can choose which makes a wider variety of houses.  This makes each house in an area much more unique.

    When God builds His houses, us, He uses a completely unique blueprint for each of us.  He has a specific destiny He wants each of us to fulfill.  If we veer off the plan He has made for us, He will adjust His plan so that we still get to the desired destination.

    Unfortunately we can refuse to accept the plan.  This would be similar to a plumber refusing to follow the blueprint for a house and just doing what he wants.  You can imagine what that house would look like.  To keep in line with our blueprint we need to constantly pray to God and ask “God, what do you want me to do today?”

Published by Ray Richards