A credit score is the numerical representation of past credit behavior and an indication of creditworthiness to the lenders. The number ranges from 300 to 900.

Your higher credit score indicates higher chances to get a credit card or loan approval. As my cibil score published by bureaus Equifax, Experian, and CIBIL.

You can take benefits through these bureaus if there is an issue can improve and know the position. Let’s see the few steps.

Know Your Credit Position

Your points no more hidden from you, the companies give you the option to check and improve it. With this, you are in better control than the previous times, to check your application before the lenders and solve the issues.

Get Errors From Your Credit Score And Rectified

Lenders from whom you borrow the financial help can also check repayment and paybacks behavior. As you know all the works handled by the machine, so there are an chances to put wrong information about your points, that’s why it’s important to check in six months or one-year and rectify it.

Keep The Hard Enquiries

Whenever you are going to apply for financial support from the lenders, they can cross-check CIBIL score for your credit score. These inquiries which are through the lenders called hard inquiries because if they find something wrong in your account, stop processing the application request.

Better Interest Rates

Every borrower looks for the lowest interest rate of their loan. Do you think, how can you manage it? The only way to get when you have a good CIBIL point. The lenders can check your points, which should be not less than 750.

CIBIL Login Procedure: Two options to open the site

You can my cibil login through an online or by PAN card. In both process have different criteria, which need to follow step by step.

Login The Site By Pan Card

  • Open the site and fill the name, date of birth, and gender as per PAN

  • Upload identity proof, address proof and employment type

  • Share registered email ID or mobile number

Login The Site By Website

  • Fill the personal details like your name, date of birth and gender according to the PAN

  • Share employment type

  • Provide identity and address proof

  • Share registered email ID or mobile number

For both procedure you need to answers a few questions related to the previous record, outstanding, and pending amounts. After the verification, they send confirmation mail on registered email ID within a day.

How To Use Your Credit Card Wisely To Build A Good Credit Score?

To maintain points, you should remember below points.

Pay The Bills On-Time: It’s your first duty to pay all utility bills on time without any delay.

Never Try To Use Full Credit Limit: If the lender provides 50% of the limit, it doesn’t mean to utilize full limit. The lenders can see how you manage the things and according that your score can upgrade.

Don’t Have Too Many Credit Card: Try at one time can use one card, it can save you for payment and maintenance of the product. When you have so many cards, then it’s obvious to forget to pay a few bills

Published by Zachary McGavin