Let's talk about love today.

My definition of love has been broaden and the word itself is not to be taken lightly. Let's focus on the love of a lover.

What is love if not to be cherished? Cherished by two souls that attracted to themselves. If  it does, then congratulations! But if the love is one sided and unrequited. It's a torture. How so?  Isn't  fighting for the one you love, worth the battle to win the war?

You might win OR you might lose. The important thing is, you don't even know if it worth fighting for unless it's pure faith OR stupidity.

It is tempting to indulge ourselves and feed ourselves with something  that we want to believe in. You know what, I believe in effort. If we really believe and it is something that really worth fighting for... You can't just hope, you need to act. Action needed!

If you really love someone and  you want them to know. TELL THEM! Who cares what happened next because it won't happened unless you did it!

Best analogy I can think of right now is, you want to drive the car somewhere. However, you are thinking too much  and you are afraid you might crash the car. Reality is that you have not even place the key and starts the engine! No one worries too much when they are driving, they  worried when the crash happened.

For me, love is not just a feeling  but also commitments and responsibilities. If you are not even ready for what to comes, you can only wish.  When you have  it, you might ended up hurting youself and others. 

That is  love in my definition.

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Published by Ally Mare