As some of you know, I went to Walt Disney World and went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. This is what happened throughout the night!

The start of the day, we went to Disney Springs (we as in me, my mom the pirate, my brother the 12th doctor, my youngest cousin as Belle, my oldest cousin as Ariel, my aunt as princess Lia, and my uncle as Han Solo). That is where we went to the Bippody, Boppidy Boutique. Where they glittered up my hair! You can't tell in the picture, but there was a ton of glitter in my hair! I also got really burnt while we were at Disney Springs!

We left Disney Springs around 1 PM so everyone could get ready for the Halloween party. Of course, the ladies took longer than the guys to get ready! But we all looked great (In some of the pictures you can see how intense my highlighter is! and I absolutely LOVE it)! The Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party was at Magic Kingdom. So I didn't put on my wings until then. That way I wouldn't break them in the car. However, When I was first strapping it to my body the wings instantly broke. Which was definitely great... You can see the way I had to strap it around my body to make it look like I had wings. I literally just wrapped ribbon around me and the wings.  The start of the party we went to the Buzz Lightyear ride. And then we just focused on meeting character!

I'm not too big a fan of Princess and the Frog but when we met Tiana she was so adorable! I commented on how puffy her dress was and she was like "Well, my momma always told me to go big or to go home. And you know, everything's bigger in the south!"

When we met Rapunzel she told me that I looked like one of the "floating lanterns" from where she lives (because I had so much glitter on me). And then she told us that she heard that they were going to be "exploding lanterns" soon. Which then I made the comment "That sounds dangerous" and she reassured me that it wasn't that dangerous.

When we met Cinderella, she didn't really say much to us. She just greeted us and asked for a picture.

Aurora was really quiet. I don't really think she said that much to me. She was mainly talking to My cousins.

Captain Jack Sparrow was literally spot on with his character. He looked, sounded, and acted like him. It was like meeting Johnny Depp! He asked me what I was and then I asked him about the black pearl and he asked me if I could make new sails for his ship and then asked me if I had ever seen the black pearl. I told him Only in moving films. In which he replied "Good, I have done very well hiding it then!"

Ariel was so freaking cute! One of my cousins wanted a picture by herself with her. And Ariel was so excited that my cousin dressed as her! She was like "Oh my goodness! I have another sister! I must tell my father and sisters!" and then offered for her father to give her a fin. And then me and my other cousin got pictures with Ariel. Ariel asked what happened to my wings and I told her I went to Winter Woods and they broke. And then she offered for her father to give us our fins as well. And She asked us what colors we wanted them. Of course I said Green and my cousin said Blue. I also need to point out that I love Ariel's facial expressions in the pictures!!

We also met Belle and Gaston... Oh lord.. I don't want to even go into this. The Belle was absolutely beautiful! and she was so sweet and nice! And was apologizing for Gaston's behavior. Which leads me to Gaston.. He was a little TOO spot on with his character. He was literally a jerk... and it was great!! He asked us to introduce ourselves and I introduced myself as Tinkerbell and he replied "Bless you.." and then the other two introduced themselves. And Belle apologized to me and said "I'm so sorry. He hasn't read your story book." And I asked Belle "Does he even know how to read?" and everyone laughed.

 It did start pouring down the rain at the very beginning of the night. And I actually used my broken wings as protection from the rain. So my broken wings came in handy!! While we were trying to get out of the rain we decided to go to Belle's Enchanting Tales. This is something I absolutely recommend if you ever go to Magic Kingdom. It's interactive story telling with Belle herself. They usually pick kids to help tell the story. But since it was pouring the rain, there weren't very many people in the place so I was picked to be Chip! So I actually go to meet the ballroom Belle! She said that she read my story book and that I am a genius just like her father! This Belle sounded, looked, walked, and did everything like Belle. She was definitely one of my favorites!!

Last but not least, we met Tinkerbell. I honestly love Tinkerbell so much! Her costume is so cute and every time we met her she acted just like Tinkerbell. She was super excited that I dressed up as her. It was adorable. When ever you go into her little meet and greet area, she says "Fly on in friends!!" And then we turned the corner she gasped and was like "Are you me?!" And then came over and gave me a hug! And then she is like "You are like a more stylish version of me!!"  And then she went on the inspect my costume. She pointed at my shoes and was like "You put bells on your dandelions!!" And then she went to say that I have sad wings (Which is funny because I was telling people that all night long). And I told her that I went to Winter Woods and she was like "Oh I thought the rain got you because you know how wings and rain don't mix very well!" and then she just wanted a picture of just me and her. And she turned to the photopass photographers and asked what post we should do and then she was like "Okay, how about this! I'll hold up one of your sad wings and you hold the other!" Tinkerbell was literally the cutest ever!!

I highly recommend that you go to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party because wait times are shorter for almost everything. And you don't have as much of a crowd. There are also so many character meet and greets that  you can't do on regular park days. I do not recommend going to see Jack and Sally unless you can get in line fast and it's not too long of a wait. When we went to go see what the wait time was we went at 7 (Which is the start of the party). And it was already a 3 hour wait... However, it is still a very fun time!!

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Alicia Dawn

Published by Alicia Stephenson