In 10 years time, I would have owned the biggest businesses in this town. I’ll be sitting in some of those boards. My colleagues and mentees would have become CEOs. Over 20, 000 jobs would have been provided because we came. Nigeria will be a better place because we made it so. Ejirohub would have become Africa’s most powerful community. I'll  be living by the waters, with my office and my house side by side because I hate traffic.
I would have become better, finally beating Dangote, Otedola and these oppressors of 18holes when we have our business games because I have a few acres next to the course where I shoot my series and have late night camp fire barbecue with the Ejirohub team. Money no go be problem (never was, it isn’t, never will be).  My kids will be role model to the children in Sunday school. My family would want us to do vacation in Monacco and St Tropez, just so we can attend summer charity balls to be featured on E! (And I’ll say no, but I go sha go just to let peace reign). I’ll be funding libraries,   start ups, ministries and inspiring others to know God and not religion. I’ll be about that time completing my PHD and as a hobby summoning celebrities to sort their beefs (they'll always have).  
Now, over to you.. what's yours.. pls share and lets document them, someday we'd refer to them) ..#affirmationsWork

Published by Promise Okorho