While in Norway we rented a car, and I thought I'd share our time driving, some tips regarding the roads and general information about driving in Norway. We were lucky enough to rent a Citroen DS3 which came with a GPS system, heated seats, and lots of room for all our stuff!

Picking up the car was a very straight forward process and Avis had many offices where we could pick the car up from. We chose to pick our car up from the City centre office in Oslo as we had 2 days in Oslo previous, but you could pick up from all airports in Oslo. To hire a car it can be quite expensive, especially when you add on fuel costs, but I do feel to do what we wanted this was the best option for us, but obviously everyone has different ways to travel.

Before we headed off, we had a rough idea of where we wanted to go and had decided that we were going to do a loop starting in Oslo then going clockwise around Norway then back to Oslo. We hadn't decided where we were going to sleep as we were wild camping, so we did not have any restrictions and we could make a lot of changes along the way. We had seen online that Norway had many National Tourist routes so we made sure that we included some of these within our route.

Our first drive was almost 6 hours and was very long, but this also included a national tourist route which started in Ogna, and ran 41km to Bore. We had not seen much online about the south coast of Norway apart from 1 hike (Potholes at Brufjell), and this tourist route. I feel that the south coast is often disregarded due to the main attractions being the fjords and mountains, but this part of Norway was stunning and had some of the loveliest beaches with the softest sand and clearest waters. The roads so far had been pretty straight forward and not as exciting as they were about to get when we headed to the fjords.

The roads for the rest of the trip were very windy and had lots of steep inclines and big declines, which Cole loved, he thought he was a star on Top Gear! He took it all in his stride and pretty much loved the whole driving experience in Norway. I was not so confident but it's very quiet on the roads so I was able to take it slowly under Cole's driving instructions when I panicked!

The one mistake we did make, was choosing to drive late at night without realising that we had to drive up a mountain to get to our next destination. We were driving along, singing away to our songs and then all of a sudden we were in a cloud! In a cloud! We could not see 1 metre in front of the car. Thankfully  Cole was driving, so he slowed right down and we did debate stopping and sleeping in the car but we then thought it would be best just to keep going while remaining slow, in order to make our way down and set up our tent for a better nights sleep. After a very nerve wrecking time, not being able to see, with very big drops either side of the road, we made it down to the bottom of the mountain. Looking back it was tense at the time, and perhaps not the best option but it was definitely an experience.

Wildlife were also another thing to be careful off when driving in Norway. Sheep especially, they are pretty much everywhere! And they are not scared of cars coming hurtling towards them, so be wary of them when driving along the roads in both the day and night. We slowed down and let them walk off the road or made our way around them. We even saw one jump over a barrier on the side of the road on a steep cliff (we hope he is ok!)

Overall, our driving experience was really good, and it was an amazing experience to get to test the roads and we got to see some amazing sights along the way. There are plenty of petrol stations along the way, and the speed limit varied and was not extremely fast. Cole loved the driving side as the road were exciting and fun to drive along.

Published by India Paine