One of the most tiring things when you move to a new apartment is having to equip it and being in a constant stress of when and what you should get. However, when you combine it with some make up shopping, it starts to get a bit more fun! 

 Few days ago, I visited the local mall and as I was browsing around, a drugstore called Etos caught my eye. As I went in, the sweet scent of a make up drugstore heaven overflew me! In the make up counter there were brands such as Maybelline, L’Oreal, Bourjouis, Make Up Revolution, etc. Of course I didn’t fight the urge and I bought a few things that definitely brightened my day!

 What was even better is that on Maybelline’s counter, all products were buy one get one free, which practically meant that if you bought two products you would pay half the price. So, I got the Fit me! Matte&Poreless foundation (9,99€) and the Master Contouring stick (8,99€) and I paid 9,99€! I also got the Focus&Fix liquid concealer by Make Up Revolution (4,99€) and a lipstick by the same brand, “Make it Tonight” (3,99€). 

About the products, I did get to try them a little and here’s what I think: 

Fit me! Matte and Poreless: The foundation that I was using exactly before this one was the L’Oreal Infallible 24h Matte. My belief is that these two foundations together would make the perfect one! The L’Oreal one has a very good coverage, however can be a bit too cakey and heavy sometimes. On the other hand, the Maybelline one is a lot lighter and offers a good pore coverage, but its coverage in general is not strong and you need a lot of product to have a sufficient outcome. I am not disappointed on this product, but I will probably try to combine it with the Infallible and won’t use a beauty blender because the coverage that provides  this way is minimum. 

 Master Contouring Stick: I hadn’t  got the experience with a contouring stick until this one so I am not really familiar with using it. However I thing that if you’re going with a soft contouring this product will suit you perfectly, while if you want a strong contouring (like myself) you will have to set this with some contouring powder. Don’t hate it, just have to get the grip of it l guess.

Focus&Fix liquid concealer : I am this person that has the tendency to be very harsh on concealers. I love the Fit me! by Maybelline and after that everything is much inferior. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t stand out. I only used it once but it doesn’t seem capable of competing to my Maybelline one. I will use it more and I will get back to you for any tricks I will find! 

Make it Tonight lipstick: For its price, you can make it work. The color is beautiful, not very pigmented but if you line it with a nice lip liner and go over it with a second layer, nice things will happen! 

Hope that was helpful and I would be delighted to hear your drugstore experiences! xx

Published by Christina Lag