I know you asked me to not talk... But I can't.. I can't pretend that I am okay.. I can't lie that I am fine... I can't deceive the world that I don't miss you.. I can't explain my nagging need to see you.. I can't understand that feeling I have for you... Do I just miss you or is it something else?


I know that friends miss each other, love each other and care for each other. But friends never step away of each other's life. Friends do not ask for breaks or separations. Friends are friends, unconditionally, whenever needed, and wherever possible.


Why does my heart then ache every time I pass by your place? Why do I search for you within the crowds? Why do I fear seeing you that way? Why? Just why?!

Perhaps it is safer for you to stay away from my insanity. Being away might be your salvation out of the darkness. If this is your choice, I will respect it. But deep inside, there is always that hope, that one day you will be back.. again..

Published by Abeer Ghander