This verse is from the diary of a lover who loves his princess madly. But, due to some unavoidable reasons, she will be parting with him forever. Traumatized with the news, the guy decides to compose a final goodbye for his princess!


My divine, you’ve left me

Standing all alone my body is numb with sorrow,

I don’t remember my way home.

I cherish the way you used to hold me and hug me.

I’m lost, depressed & frightened,

For you’re not here with me.

With your love I was the luckiest guy in this world.

You’ve helped me out when times were tough

You’ve helped me to sail through when life was rough.

I remember the way you helped me to be strong

I remember the way you gave me the courage and faith to face everything.

I remember the evening walks and your wonderful taste!

Time passed by and I fell for you more every day,

Deep inside my heart, my princess you’ll always be.

I know you didn’t want to break me like this,

But you’ve left me, all alone in this evil world.

I saw the awesome couple in us.

I wanted to spend my life with you but you’ve left me.

Although I have my best friends so close, but I still don’t know the reason why I love you the most!

Your kindness has washed into me and I felt loved and wanted.

No matter how much you say,

I’ll always forget to forget you

Now as you go,

I wish you all the love, luck and charm

So that you are happy everytime

I hope you will never forget me,

I wish someday you’ll come, hold my hand and take me back home.

I’ll not say good bye to you honey,

I will always be waiting for you here!


P.S- Comments on improving the composition are always welcome. I look forward to interacting with everyone of you, Fellow readers! Cheers!

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Excerpts- Sometimes, we get so offended by the gamut of temporary things we have in our lives that we stick to the permanent ones! However, when our people leave us, we end up in depression and pain. This is a verse Miffy dedicated to his evergreen princess Fizz who left him for unavoidable reasons!

Published by Pravesh Mull