I’ve been willing to do this for a while now, and finally I have found the time to do it, even though I have time for a while, I’m just lazy and always forget to post, so I promise this time I will post at least 2 times a week. commitment right there. So this is my everyday make up routine, let’s begin.


So of course I start of with a bare face, that I have moisturised with coco butter, and primed with Nivea Men Post Balm, and I also put lip butter on my lips so that my lips are soft when I come to putting on lipstick at the end.


  1. Eyebrows – I do my eyebrows first, since they are the most important to me.I use a brown eyebrow pencil, which I have no idea where it is from, since the label has rubbed off, but I did purchase it from body care.

I draw the shape of how I want my eyebrows to look, then I fill it out with gentle stokes, in the direction my eyebrow hairs go. Once I do that, I brush them out with the end of the eyebrow pencil, so that they look more natural and not drawn on. I then use my L’Oreal true match foundation in the shade cappuccino to outline my eyebrows, to make them look tidy.

PicMonkey Collage.png

Products Used;

 Nivea Lip Butter

Nivea Men Post shave Balm   

Brown Eyebrow Pencil


2. Next I do my foundation. I use two different foundation, which are both matte. The first one doesn’t cover my dark makes as well, even with concealer, so I use the Maybelline foundation to cover them up.


Next thing I do it use the maybelline foundation to highlight under my eyes, and I used it to put below my jaw line, on the bright of my nose, my chin and on my forehead, and then I  blended it in.

PicMonkey Collage 1.png

Products Used;

  L’Oreal True Match Foundation

  MaryKay Foundation  

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

3. The last things I do, it to highlight my face, and obviously add mascara to my eyebrows, and clear mascara to my eyebrows.

When I am doing my mascara, I like to add the clear mascara first as I have realised it makes my eyelashes look longer than when I don’t add it. I also add the clear mascara on my eyebrows, to keep them in shape.

When I am highlighting, I don’t use a highlighter, I use eye shadow, which I found out works exactly the same as an original highlighter would. I highlight my cheek bones, bridge of my nose, forehead, cupids bow, and I also highlight under the arch of my eyebrows.


Products Used;

 Any Black Mascara

Technic Natural Clear Mascara 

Mary Kay Powder 

Highlighter of your choice.

2. Then I move on to my lips, which I do my favourite brown lip, using a brown eyeliner pencil, and pink matte lip gloss’.

Products Used;

Brown Eyeliner Pencil

 Bourjois Velver Lip Gloss 

  M.n Long Lasting Lip Gloss (Ebay)

That’s it, my everyday makeup routine.


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** All of these pictures are taken by me ** Most of the products used I purchased from BodyCare who do not have a website, otherwise they are linked.

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