Hello everyone so today I wanted to share with you something a little bit different, my every day makeup routine and a a little product review of what I use. I love makeup and what I wear depends on where I'm going and the seasons so now its heating up a bit I wanted to share with you the perfect products to use and how I achieve a summery makeup look.

Firstly I'd like to say a lot of these products are from the same brands as I tend to collect from makes I trust and know work for me, the prices all range from affordable to a save for product but they are all well worth it.


The first step I do is my eyes, I know this seems a little backwards but i always like to tidy up under my eyes afterwards so any foundation would end up wiped off. For summer I usually avoid eye shadow as this can look heavy, if I use it I go for something imageneutral and skin colored but for every day I go fore none with a winged eyeliner and mascara. The products I use are benefits 'They're real push up liner' 'They're real tinted primer' and 'Roller lash'. Firstly I use the liner to create a reasonably thick wing, this product has been the only liner I have used since I tried it a long time ago it's matte, dark in pigment and so easy to create a wing with. Its gel consistency meaning you must work fast with it but once you get used to it its so easy. I line only my top eyelid and my top waterline. Next I use the lash primer to create a long base for my mascara. The primer is tinted dark brown so is less harsh than mascara but lifts and lengthens lashes for a more casual look. I then top this with Roller lash which really helps my eyelashes stay long and curled as mine are naturally quite short. I use these both on my top and bottom lashes. 

imageAt the moment I am testing out one of the new products from benefits brow collection 'Goof Proof' Brows, I have samples of all three brow products in the new collection so let me know if you would like a review of these. I really enjoy using pencils on my brows so this product is perfect for me, I have been testing it for a few days and already this is the easiest and best product I have used. It has an angled tip that makes filling and defining easy and the shade I am using (6) is the perfect match, looking dark but still natural. It doesn't weigh your brows down so you can still see individual hairs and it feels lightweight and not waxy. I would definately go ahead and purchase this in full size. 


For imagefoundation I have been using Charlotte Tilbury's 'Light wonder' in the shade 1 Fair for a long time now and this is my favorite foundation. It is very light weight coverage but buildable and it looks very dewy on the skin which is perfect for anyone with dry skin as it moisturizes and doesn't cling to any dry patches. The product lasts such a long time even when you use a thicker layer which makes it so worth the money and speaking on behalf on anyone with very fair skin, I never thought I would find a foundation that didn't look orange when I put it on or was close to matching my paleness but this is perfect so if you're in the same situation give this a try and it will even let your freckles show through too while covering redness and blemishes. For me you couldn't go wrong and I will be sticking to this product for a long time. 



For concealer I use benefit's 'Fake up' concealer in the shade 1 light which is a hydrating creamy concealer. I use a small amount in the corner of my eyes and underneath in the 'bag area' this concealer is so moisturizing and brightening for other the eyes but it heavy enough to cover up any redness or blemishes. I also use this around my nose .



image For my cheeks I use Charlotte Tilbury's 'Cheek to chic swish and pop blusher' in the shade 'Love is the drug'. This is part of the 'vintage vamp' collection which I have been building up for a while and it's a perfect pink shade with a pop of hot pink. The lighter shade is used all over the cheek then the 'pop' which is the darker shade is used on the apples of the cheeks. I love this blusher as its such a bright colour and a little goes a long way. It feels light on the skin and blends over foundation perfectly. It goes with many looks from natural to dark lipped looks so is worth the purchase for a long lasting blusher that is really wearable. I love it.  




 On my lips is the most affordable product in my makeup look. It's Barry M lip liner in the shade 17. I use this on its own as it's a gorgeous light and neutral brown and doesn't look too much for a summery light makeup look. It looks so natural and feels nice and creamy and dries matte but is not at all drying. Its so affordable and can be built up darker or use a simple layer for a cute natural look. I think this finishes off my makeup look nicely and can be worn with pretty much any eye shadow colour.

So that's it! My makeup look done, pretty simple and takes such little time to do. It's perfect for going out in the summer for the day or other products can be added to go out at night. Here is the finished look.

image  image

I hope you all enjoyed let me know if there are any other looks you want me to recreate for example a going out look or any other products you want me to review. If you want to see more you can find my blog at partofmyw0rld.wordpress.comThankyou for reading, see you next time laura  xx


Published by Laura Sykes