It’s amazing how time flies. One day, I was that piece of broken clay shattered to pieces. Now, the pieces have fit back together, struggling to look exactly the same before it broke.

I remembered you today. How your voice would fit the silence and the melody all at once in that crowded sanctuary. How your head would standout in the multitude, and me being certain that it is you that I am seeing. And finally, I remembered the exact reason why I started singing. Because you told me I could.

I truly asked the Lord for forgiveness for the wrong motive, but I did start singing because of you. Today is one of those Sundays that you would take charge of the choir. I remember your enthusiasm when you teach and your patience to our not-so beautiful voices. Believe it or not, my eyes looked for you in the crowd today. I was wondering if you could hear us.

But to no avail, it is the gift of your absence that I got. You were simply not around. And I don’t think you’ll come back.

Let me make this clear to you. Yes. My eyes still search for you, but I am no longer in love with you.  I just want to point that out. Forgive me if I have not trained my eyes to your absence on a day like this. I hope  it’s okay. I’m okay.


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Published by Katherine Gatela