'When the unconventional Durrell family can no longer endure the damp, gray English climate, they do what any sensible family would do: sell their house and relocate to the sunny Greek isle of Corfu. My Family and Other Animals was intended to embrace the natural history of the island but ended up as a delightful account of Durrell’s family’s experiences, from the many eccentric hangers-on to the ceaseless procession of puppies, toads, scorpions, geckoes, ladybugs, glowworms, octopuses, bats, and butterflies into their home.'

Book 1 in the Corfu Trilogy.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

After watching The Durrell's TV series I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book.

I loved that this book is told through the memories of 10-year-old Gerry. This added a joy and wonder to the story that I wasnt expecting.

The way in which Gerry adores and respects animals and the natural world is truly beautiful. I also loved the way he saw and interacted with his family and friends. These interactions were both funny and heartwarming.

The Durrell family and their friends are completely relatable and easy to fall in love with. I loved how we got to see each of their personalities comes through as the story unfolded.

I was completely engrossed in the beautiful descriptions of animals and nature, I honestly couldn't get enough. The writing of this book was at its best when describing the beauty and life of the natural world.

I am so excited that this is just the first book in a trilogy, now I just need to get my hands on the rest of the series. I am definitely going to add of Gerald Durrell's works to my wish list.

My Family And Other Animals by Gerald Durrell is a surprisingly beautiful read that will leave you wanting more.

Published by Geramie Kate Barker