My Favorite Activities

I can go all day talking about my favorite activities, but I promise I won’t.

  • Photography….This is a strong passion of mine.  I’ve loved taking photos since I was in middle school.
  • Reading…I love reading so much me and my friends created our own Book Club
  • Watching Movies…Movies relax me.  Almost as much as reading. Yes I’m a movieaholic.  Ask my niece and nephew!
  • Listening to music…Music give me life.
  • Traveling….I Love to travel, see new things, learn new things.  Take pics of new things.
  • Crafting….I really do enjoy creating new things and projects.
  • Writing….Poetry is my thing.  It calms me when no one else can.  It’s what I do.

What are some of your favorite activities?  Share them with me.

Published by Mashawn Mickels