Everyone has their favorite lip balms, these are some of mine. now I know there are negatives against some of these brands, but they work for me. I constantly have chapped lips, so if I don't use some type of lip balm. I will go crazy with chapped lips. now I do have certain ones I use in winter and then in summer. I'm a lip balm junkie.

  1. EOS

I love EOS these are two of my absolute favorite scents in their lip balms. Yellow is lemon twist, red is fresh grapefruit. I use these two more than any other on this list. they keep my lips so soft and they smell so friggin good. The lemon smells like fresh lemonade, like who wouldn't love that. The fresh grapefruit smells like, well you guessed it grapefruit. now I usually do not like anything that is grapefruit, but this smells so amazing. these are definitely two of my favorites.

2. Nivea

I usually don't grab for my Nivea, but I bought these two and it changed my mind about the brand. This first one has a shimmer to it, so it makes it look like a neutral colored lipstick while keeping your lips soft. It has a great smell to it, but I can't place it. it smells like a sweet fruity smell. The Second one I love, but I don't grab for it as often as others. Mainly because of the packaging and you have to use your finger, to me that's just germy. I do love it and it smells so good. I use it here and there. it really keeps my lips soft. I just disinfect my hands before putting my finger in it.

3. Blistex

Now I'm a Blistex hoarder, I don't even use half of them. These are two I reach for most out of my hoard pile lol. These both equally work great, they keep my lips soft and moisturized, especially in the winter. These are two I use mainly in winter, because when it gets cold here, it's like the wind just sucks the moisture right out of my lips. The Silk and shine has a sweet smell to it. Deep Renewal has a pepperminty smell to it, which is great for winter time.

4. Perfectly Pure

Now this one is one I don't often reach for unless my lips are really chapped. My main reason for not using this one is the smell. It smells like vaseline and feet. It works great for really chapped lips, the smell is just unbearable. It is natural and has a ton of vitamin e in it. I just wish it smelled better. This Chapstick works really well on severely chapped lips, so I keep buying it. I just hope it smells better in the future.

5. Maybelline Baby Lips

I have 3 of these, but only one applies not looking like a lipstick. I love peach kiss because it is so neutral and it does help to keep my lips soft. I only grab for this when going to events or out shopping, especially when I want a lip balm, but I want color too. Now it doesn't smell like a peach, but it does have this fruity smell to it, so that's a bonus.


Out of my 50 something odd lip balms, these are the ones I reach for most. I suffer from chapped lips, so I constantly have lip balm on me. These are my favorites, what are yours? Do you have any suggestions for another I should try out?



Published by Courtney Garrison