I've always been more of a dessert gal rather than a candy gal. Halloween is nearing again this year and I am reminded of my childhood of trick-or-treating but never being too keen on consuming Halloween candy. I would usually collect the candy and give my candy away to my younger sister or other friends I would go trick-or-treating with.

As an adult, I do prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate and have come to appreciate good quality dark chocolate over the years.

I have weekly cheat meals and do occasionally enjoy small doses of dark chocolate here and there. However, I never acquired the taste of coffee or alcohol. And when I am prepping for a photo shoot I usually cut down on even the cheat meals temporarily.

So as a tea lover, I was delighted to have my girlfriends bring me back chocolate rooibos tea they thoughtfully got for me on their trip to Europe. I then noticed that Numi also had a chocolate rooibos tea while I was glancing through the tea section at a local Whole Foods.

Rooibos is an herbal tea, sometimes referred to as red tea. It tends to be my favorite choice for an everyday occasion. And even my special occasion tea is actually my favorite red tea I purchased in Paris by Marriage Frère. In my opinion, Rooibos tends to taste more full-bodied than other herbal teas but doesn't have the diuretic effect of caffeinated teas.

I have indeed agreed to do another photo shoot in the near future, so I will most likely cut back on my cheat meals (including dark chocolate). But as a tea enthusiast,  I will definitely be sipping away photo shoot or not!


- M

Published by Mona Lisa Moon