Hi Lovelies, Here is another review I only have one more after this and then I'll be posting more makeup looks!! Today it's on my favorite Soap & Glory Products; three lotions and a shower gel. So I guess it's four reviews lol. I typically purchase this brand from Ulta (what's new? Lol) but, I recently found out they now sell it at Walgreens. About Products & Packaging: All Soap & Glory's products I've notice have pink, white and grey in their packaging. They're simple but in a cute way that catches your eye. First we have the Hand Food. ($8 For full size & $4 for the travel size). It is a thicker hand cream compared to some that are just plain watery. I really like it because I have really dry skin and no body wants that! The moisture you get from this lasts long and it doesn't leave your hands feeling oily like some. I (in my opinion) would compare it to the L'Occitane Hand Cream (@Sephora). ($12.50 for the travel size & $28 for the full size). Next, is the Heel Genius. ($10 For full size). Unlike the hand cream that is white, this is a light blue and has a minty smell to it. I don't care for the smell but it does go away quickly which is good, because who wants their feet to smell like mint all day?! I really LOVE this because it makes my feet so soft! After applying it I pit on a pair of socks to lock in the lotion. The third product I like is their Righteous Butter Body Lotion.($12 for full size & $4 for the travel size). This smells SO amazing! This makes my skin feel so freaking soft!! It's not to thick and not to watery; it's just the right formula. It doesn't make you feel sticky after using like some lotions do. I put this to my along with the heel genius to give my feet some extra moisture. The last product I have from Soap & Glory is the Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel.($10 for full size & $4 for the travel size). This also smells amazing! This combined with the other three products just make your skin feel so silky smooth! The shower gel is a light pinkish color with gleam to it. This lathers up so much; it's like taking a bubble bath everyday! -Amber Renee 💕

Published by Amber Renee