Books Are For Journeys

The last post I wrote about my favourite films so I’m going to keep on the favourites theme with my favourite books. No I’m going to do YouTube like monthly favourites, I don’t like enough stuff monthly for that. But I think these kinds of lists can help find something new to read or watch or try. These are varied on reading level some are from when I was a child, I don’t read them now (I 100% read them now).

16. How Much I love you (1994, Sam McBratney)

This was a personal favourite as a child as my Mum would read it to me to tell me she loved me.  That was the only time though.

15. What’s In Your Pocket Lucy Locket? (2000, Paul Rogers and Emma Rogers)

I loved this book as it was the only children’s book with Lucy in it. My Godmother brought it for me and it was the best thing ever. It had pockets of fairy tale characters with items you pulled out and could craft something to help with the next page to carry on the story. It was fucking amazing.

14. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865, Lewis Carroll)

13. Through the Looking Glass (1871, Lewis Carroll)

I’m writing these books as a collective as I love them both. They taught about being different and it’s not a bad thing. It also confirmed that there other people as weird as me out there.

12. Winnie-the-Pooh (1926, A. A. Milne)

My Mum gave me her copy from when she was a child and feel in love with the characters, I always identified with Pooh and Piglet because I love food and am very kind but also was very nervous and quiet as a child.

11. Fight Club (1997, Chuck Palahniuk)

This book is very different from anything else I’ve read, it feels like a collective of short stories about the same characters. This is because the author wanted it to feel like a dream where you seem to only remember the middle and the end and not know how you got there, helping with the narrative and plot twist.

10. Of Mice and Men (1937, John Steinbeck)

I read this in English at school and really stuck with me, it was kind and scary and loving and creepy. It felt like reading real life.

9. Matilda (1988, Roald Dahl)

My favourite Roald Dahl, about being an intelligent young lady and not being ashamed of it. It’s about finding hope and happiness when around you is hate.

8. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2011, Ransom Riggs)

I really enjoy books that have undertones of romance and family but are mainly spooky. This is exactly that, the characters are so well developed they draw you into the adventure.

7. The Walking Dead (2003, Robert Kirkman)

I know this is a comic book series but I love it. The books are so shocking with every issue and still discusses real world issues.

6. Wold War Z (2006, Max Brooks)

This book is so much better than the film. It realistically documents a zombie invasion in one on one accounts from an interviewee and interviewers who witnessed the events. The best one was a chapter that explain how he survived and escapes zombies and then at the end you find out he was blind and was all about what he heard.

5. The Princess Bride (2013, William Goldman)

Another book that was made into the film and the film is great but the book is too. It’s funny and adventure like the film it’s the best source material to film I’ve ever seen.

4. Coraline (2006, Neil Gaiman)

Having said that Coraline is also a great explain of great book and film. I find it interesting that younger people find it an adventure book whilst older readers find it creepy and spooky.

3. The Melancholy Death Of Oyster Boy & Other Stories (1997, Tim Burton)

From other posts I think it’s obvious I like Tim Burton’s work. This book of little poems and his illustrations are like his films; dark, sad and funny.

2. You Deserve a Drink (2015, Mamrie Hart)

This book made me laugh and cry; crying from laughing but also crying on the tube, on how beautiful and sentimental one part of it was.

1. The Night Circus (2011, Erin Morgenstern)

This book really stuck with me, my friend showed it to me and I really romanticed it. It’s magic and a dark circus, everything I love. It’s dark, thrilling and spooky but with a Romeo and Juliet romance at the heart of it.

These are my favourites because they demonstrate creative writing and ideas that take you to another world when your real world might be tough. But also can make you cry on the tube at peak times and make you look insane.

Keep Reading, Especially If It Makes You Feel. Lucy.



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