Now i cannot leave the house without spritzing some kind of scent all over. My first favourtie HAS to be Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot, i absolutely adore wearing this in the evening as it's very dark and my god long wearing. I remember when i was trying a few Jo Malone smells out i spritz this one on the tester cards and plonked it in my bag and it was still smelling days later in fact weeks later! Believe it or not this scent is actually unisex and not only is the smell incredible but the way they package it is beaut although unfortunately i don't have pictures to show that as this was gifted to me in christmas! I will be sure to show you the Jo Malone packaging next time i decide to treat myself (hopefully soon). My second favourite go to scent without a doubt is the Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche. This is very different to the other scent as it's a much more fresh, light fragrance which is perfect for the day time, can also imagine this to be the perfect wedding scent. The bottle is very simple, chic and classic which looks incredible on your dressing table.



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