The best way to start this off with saying that I am a fan of good music and pretty much listen to everything. I have been to metal, rock, country, and rap shows but I haven't been to anything EDM related because I haven't been much of a fan. I was a little worried that I was not going to enjoy the experience but I can admit I was wrong!



EDC Vegas runs from 7pm-6am Friday through Sunday for a total of three days. Being in Vegas even at night it was super hot, about 100 degrees around 8pm. It is hosted at Vegas Speedway and includes about 5 big stages and a couple small stages holding fifty people. To me most of the music sounds very similar, but each stage offers a different type of EDM music. The main stage was called Kinetic, you enter through Stargate like arches which were pretty awesome. All of the stages had their own themes which was pretty cool to see but being a newbie I was along for the ride with my group. There was lots of beautiful light shows at every stage and had variation of changing colors virtually everywhere you walk! Everything had some sort of vivid light to it which surprisingly wasn't overwhelming. I really enjoyed all the colors and different vibes at the stages. The fireworks show each night was amazing and went on for a good ten minutes or so! I can't imagine how the neighbors feel about that at midnight but hey it is a great show! It was crazy that the sound seemingly separated so well between stages so it did not impact your experience at a stage. The one thing that had me puzzled was that almost every dj we saw would took two songs and remixed it there own way. They were great songs but shit, after hearing it 20 times over two days it is a little overwhelming.  For those carnival enthusiasts, there are some rides including a carousel.

The People

EDC is an open invitation to wear either nothing or the weirdest clothing possible. For the most part everyone was extremely nice and respectful. But then again, even at metal shows people are pretty nice and cool. Surprising right?! But one thing I did take away from it, unlike any festival I have been to was the whole PLUR thing. Peace, love, unity, respect for some ravers is important. People are willing to spend hours on making beads just to give it away to others. It sounds cliche, but being there seeing so many people who are legitimately being nice just to be nice was pretty amazing. By the way fellas, there is plenty of eye candy ;). They do this whole handshake thing to exchange beads that I barely understand but the principal behind it is fantastic. There were people dressed up in costumes riding around and there were little parades riding around.


It helps going with people who have experience going to a festival like this especially because of the odd hours. I would recommend bringing a camelback so that you can stay hydrated because of the heat, EDC has free water stations to fill up which is amazing!  I ate beforehand so I can't speak to how the food or anything was, sorry. I assume like everything else it is overpriced and greasy!  If you decide to drink or take anything, for sure stay hydrated and be prepared for a long night. There really isn't anywhere to sit but on the floor or at the bleachers by the entrance. Being mostly on blacktop I would recommend some comfortable shoes that are not black at the bottom. The running shows I brought with on Friday night had black soles at the bottom, I could feel the heat on my feet. There is an EDC app you can download for a map, setlist, and any other kind of information needed. Security was way tighter the second night for whatever reason so make sure you see what you can bring in and not. Apparently parking hasn't been bad in the past, but after we left around 5am on Saturday morning it took us....wait for it...three hours to get back to the Mirage off the strip. There was so much traffic due to an accident and only one way to leave the place! But even after all that I would like to go again. But no way would I be able to handle three days of all that!

Published by Robert McElroy