In 2000 my wife and I quit our jobs. After 25 years in the international business world we wanted to change scene. We picked up op backpacks left Denmark and traveled for a year. 

When we returned to Copenhagen we had decided to leave again as soon as we had a more permanent solution to a life that combined our interests with a way to make a living.

Today - 8 years later - we're living the life we planned. But we're still searching :-)


... this is how I introduce myself in my profile on My Trending stories.


I don't know about how other contributors felt when they posted their first stores. But I feel like telling people out there (ARE THERE ANY?) about myself and the situation I'm in so they get an idea about why I only blog about Lisbon and in particularly Graca. 




The thing is - we're in the middle of chaos. In may 2016 we're opening a small hotel (our second) here in Graca in the house we bought more than a year ago - the house the workers have demolished completely. 

Anyway - after 12 months of extreme bureaucrazy (deliberately spelled with a 'z')  its good with some action. So I'm ready for more blogging.

And don't worry - I will write about other stuff as well. About music, food, art, culture, WEB, music, people etc - BUT it all will somehow be related to Graca and Lisbon. 

That's where my mind has been the last years and my focus will be for the next year and a half.

And here is the background... enjoy.





In 2009 we arrived in Kathmandu with 2 backpacks, our mobile phones & computers and a business plan.


We are both marketing persons - and have both worked with communication, HR, advertising, business strategies, start-ups etc for many years in what most people find interesting businesses with lots of traveling.  

So after our return from our travel we spend time on making on what we're good at: Making a business plan. Our plan was for a small hotel we called Tings Tea Lounge & Lounge Hotel - not because we have a dream of running hotels. But because a small hotel is the only kind of business young boys and girls can learn to run so we can leave after one year and start up one more similar hotel. And more important - our lack of experience in running a hotel was easily compensated by our experience in staying in hotels - we slept in at least 1,500 hotel beds when we took the decision.

Tings Kathmandu immediately became a top 5 hotel in its category. So did the Tea Lounge. At the time of writing Tings Kathmandu is the oasis we wanted to create for free individual and independent travelers and at the same time a hub for young local contemporary artists.



After 12 months we decided to start-up a second hotel as planned



12 months after we opened our staff managed everything so well that we couldn't teach them more.

So we moved to our all time favorite country Myanmar to start up Tings Yangon.

Unfortunately that was the same month where the western world opened up for there relations with Myanmar. The world went crazy - and so did the real estate market in Yangon. Houses became so expensive that we after 2 years were forced to put our Myanmar project on hold. 


Then what?


The answer wasn't difficult. We jumped on a plane and went directly to another of our favorite travel destinations: Lisbon. 

We have traveled there for 20 years and were curious to see if what all our trendy friends were saying was true. That Lisbon was the happening place to be - the new Berlin. 

In July 2014 we moved here half time (the other half we stayed in Kathmandu).



In August we bought a house in Graca - the most happening parts of Lisbon. 2 weeks ago the workers began demolishing the house - but only to build it up again with 2 new floors, huge garden and a spacious lounge where people can hang out and chill and meet like minded. Exactly as they do in Kathmandu.

After having lived here for 2 years we agree with our friends. Lisbon is the place to be!

And Graca - our hood - doesn't get better if you like us love literature, art, food and music in relaxed and bohemian settings...

People doesn't really know the Berlin-site of Lisbon... and nobody knows Graca.

I have decided to change that. So I blog every day about our life in this small but very fantastic part of Europe. 


Hope you enjoy,


Graca, Lisbon 24 August 2016




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