Red velvet looks awesome! When the batter is still liquid, it looks like a bowl of blood.


This batch was a lot less of a screw-up than the previous batch. Since I used a pre-mix, there isn’t a lot a ingredients that needs to be added. As mentioned in a previous post, I separated the eggs into four of their own bowls and added the fifth by hand. The mixture was 1kg, which produces 60 cupcakes (waaaaay more than I had time for) so I only made half of it. Unfortunately I kind of had to eyeball it since I don’t have a kitchen scale. Seemed to work out okay. My only concern with pre-mix is that it tends to taste a bit different than making it from scratch. In all the red-velvet recipes I see they add vinegar to the mixture, so I decided to add a few drops, probably about a teaspoon. I am starting to get a hand of it to pour the batter by using a 60ml cup and a spoon. The cup was previously used to add oil and I quickly rinsed it under some water, but I think it still had a bit of an oily layer and I am inclined to think that it help to batter not stick so much. I didn’t manage to get all the cupcakes perfectly level, but it is getting there. It seems to also depend on what type of cupcake wrapper I use. The white ones could take less batter than the black and white ones. When I popped them in the oven I remembered to put the oven on bake. Hazaa! To my utter surprise, the cupcakes where baked after 25 minutes. Well done sad oven!

Since I got home a bit late last night, I only had time for the cupcakes since it takes 25 minutes to bake the cupcakes and I only have space in the sad oven for one tray at a time. Between the baking and the icing, I only got to bed at 11pm. The icing was quite interesting. It was my first time making cream cheese icing. Of course I forgot my rule last week of ensuring that the butter was room temperature, but I gave it about half an hour to heat up a bit, so it wasn’t too bad. I started by making half of the icing first. By adding all the icing sugar to the butter and cream cheese mix, icing sugar went everywhere when I turned on the mixer. I think I will still find some icing sugar behind my ears. So lesson: bigger bowl and add a little bit of icing sugar at a time. The cupcakes came out pretty perfect so I wanted the icing to be nice. It was so stiff, I had the hardest time getting it out of the piping bag. The upside is the icing retained it shape a lot better this time. I tried various piping methods with my star tip, going in circles, waves, little stars, etc. I got these nice tiny hearts from my future in-laws, which I think tied up the cupcakes nicely. When I was finished, I realised a problem. I don’t have enough large Tupperware containers to store 22 cupcakes in, so I stored 12 of them in cupcake packaging. I should really invest in another container.

Unfortunately there wasn’t time for the cookies, but I will make them sometime this week. I bought a baking tray for the cookies at the plastic store along with some Mason jars as I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. I bought three large ones, 2 medium ones and 2 small ones. It works perfectly. With time I will stock up on more.

I started selling them today for R8 a cupcake. The people that bought them really seemed to enjoy them so that’s good. We will see how many I am able to sell. All in all I think this batch was a success.


Published by Nadia Hoffmann