My latest journey into healing my multiple sclerosis is to follow Anthony William’s 28 Day Detox from his Medical Medium book. I read his book two weeks ago and it made me angry because I knew in my soul it’s what I needed to begin a deeper healing than I have had with any other diet attempts. And, it meant revamping my entire diet…again. Argh.

Let me start by saying that I had been following a Paleo Diet (Wahl’s Protocol) and it was amazing for my health. I felt even healthier following that diet than I did following the Swank Diet. Both did more for my body than any medication ever did. (I have been medication free for 15 years) But, I found myself falling off the Wahl’s diet bandwagon and my health began to suffer. I had every intention on getting back in to the swing of things when I was siderailed by the Medical Medium. Was it possible that I could feel even BETTER than I did on the Wahl’s Protocol? Wasn’t it worth a try?

This detox involves eating only raw fruits and vegetables for 28 days with an emphasis on the fruit. So. Many. Challenges.

  1. I LOVE hot foods. I NEED hot foods. How was I going to survive 28 days without even soup??
  2. Everyone these days warns against too much fruit (even Paleo nutritionists). Is there potential harm I could be doing to my body by eating so much fruit? Everyone seems to think so except for Anthony William. Do I trust him and my instinct enough to try?
  3. No more coffee. I am a mom. And a writer. And still training a challenging 1 year old chihuahua. How will I ever survive?
  4. My family likes to go out to eat at least once a week. I won’t be able to eat anything except a plain salad with lemon for dressing. Ack.
  5. How will I survive watching them eat their warm, comforting foods during this detox?

These challenges were only the ones that I thought up before going in to the detox. There have been so many more since starting which I will share with you in the next post.

What is that thing inside that drives us to the point of doing something that others consider completely crazy? Do you understand how confusing it is to read something that angers you only because you know deep down you must do it? And, how confusing it is to know that you really do have a choice, but except, not really. Without taking this demanding, difficult step and changing the course of your future you know you will continue down a path that will lead you to a life that is not worth living. A life full of dis-ease, pain and misery.

And so you choose the path less followed because even if you haven’t reached it yet because this is your first attempt, you know that pot of gold is waiting for you. The life you deserve to live is waiting for you. You instinctively know that your best life is along this path and every challenge, every lost friendship, every painful moment will all be worth it.

Have you embarked on your journey yet? I would love to hear about it.

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