Have you ever met a person, online or in person, who becomes such an important person in your life, seemingly overnight?  I can honestly say I have someone like that in my life.  His name is Dan and he has/had come to mean so much to my family.  Now that it's just me, as you will read, he holds a connection that only we share.  I call him my rainbow.  He brings joy to my life with a few strokes of his paintbrush and some watercolors.


Three years ago (2012), I met the person that I now consider my rainbow. No, it's not my husband or even the father of my child. His name is Dan; a remarkable friend that I have never officially met.

My sister Kathi had met Dan, an amazing artist, through Facebook. He is brilliant in his work and the use of color he chooses for his paintings speaks to you on some level.  When you look at his work, it brings forth memories, makes you feel connected to the work and some images you could swear were created with you in mind. Perhaps I am just biased but his work brought me back to appreciating art.

Visit his website: http://www.artbydangeles.com

Kathi and I recently had made up after not speaking for 10 years. We were only about 6 months into our reunion when life threw us a curve ball we never saw coming. My 37-year old, mother of 3, younger sister, was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer. She was given less than a year to live and we kept that last bit of information within the family.

Dan, being the amazing friend he is, drew a special drawing, just for Kathi. She was honored and loved it!! It was a brown, stuffed teddy bear, with a band-aid covering his heart. Dan named it the "It Will All Get Better Bear".  Sadly, I knew it wouldn't get better. I knew the reality we had not yet shared with him.      

In June of 2012, Kathi lost her battle with breast cancer, just two months before she turned 38. Dan was very supportive and we chatted on and off after she passed. Without hesitation, I knew Dan's drawing would be the symbol for Kathi. With his permission, I would use that drawing as a memorial tattoo to my sister. She truly loved that drawing.

Ironically, life had another curve-ball in store. One year and 13 days after Kathi's death, my mother died suddenly. Luckily, I don't drink, because I was ready to crawl into a bottle of booze; never to emerge sober.  Dan was there again. His work spoke to me.

He let me preview an upcoming show. That's an honor most people cannot fathom. I saw both my mother and sister's influences in almost every piece; which is what I told him.  It was amazing to see.  He had my crying with every new piece he shared. Yes, it was that moving.

When I say Dan is my rainbow; he really is. His use of bright colors and inspirational, emotion-evoking images has brightened my gray skies. He has brought the sun back into my life just by being there and being himself. For someone my sister never met, and whom I have yet to meet, I am grateful for the opportunity to have an amazing person like Dan in my life. I am honored. I get to call him friend.


Published by Lynn Scott