When I was in kindergarten, I had a friend with whom I was very close.  After a few years at that school my family moved and I lost track of her.  In my new school I found another special friend.  Eventually he moved away.  When I entered high school I found many new friends.  Some of us stayed close through our university years.  When we graduated, we eventually drifted apart.  In my adult years I have had many friends that have wandered into and out of my life.

    I often wonder what happened to many of my past friends.  It seems we drifted apart and never worked at staying close.  I  might be able to find a few of them, but most are far away physically, but still close in my mind.  We did not intentionally drift apart, it just happened.

    The writer of Hebrews, in 13:5 reminds of what Jesus told us.  “I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”  Few of us have life long friends, but Jesus is one friend on whom we can rely.  No matter our physical or spiritual circumstance, we can be assured that He will be with us.  All we need do is turn and talk to Him and He will be there to comfort.

Published by Ray Richards