A smile’s what you see in summer

When the sunshine stays awhile

Happiness follows suit –

Dressed to impress, in fashion’s latest style


Where is undue wariness?

Where have despair and illness gone?

Could they not stand the heat that day –

The day that sunshine shone?


I’ve been down in the valley

Where despair and illness stay –

I’ve been atop the hill when it became a mountain –

And in the harbour and the bay


The trickling water fountain

And the stars dancing in my bay –

The grassy knoll atop the mountain –

Yes, the sun followed me that day


When Faith, Belief, Trust and Hope

Tracked the sun down from behind

Impatiently waiting to share their thoughts

With others of like-mind


But despair asked me; ‘Why be grateful?’

‘Why move your mouth toward a smile’s stance?

Why not be sorrowful and mourn your life (and others)

Rather than take sunshine’s hand and dance?’


I replied; ‘I have no way of knowing

Where the train of negativity would lead –  

The smile that I see in summer

Is my garden’s seed.’


first published at https://sensualism.me/2016/06/23/my-gardens-seed/

Published by Owen Tilley