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I needed a change from the usual Adventure, Thrillers or Sci-fi i read. I wanted a story that could make one laugh and cry, smile and feel. I knew i couldn't rely on any goodreads suggestion as this book wouldn't come from any Genres i have read before. After scouring some blogs i follow i finally found a book that i thought might meet this challenge. Let me tell you this book ticks all those boxes.

The book centers on a seven year old girl Elsa. She is a child of divorce who lives with, her mum and her new partner, in a block of units. There are several other tenants in that building one of which is her Granny. She has a very close relationship with her Granny, as a result of her mother being busy with work most of the time. This relationship with Granny has evolved into where they have made up a fantasy world and tell each other stories based on it. 


Elsa is a little different from others, and slightly smarter than an average seven year old and so her Granny is very protective of her. Together in their fantasy land they go on adventures and hear stories of knights going on quests.


When her Granny falls ill and is in hospital, Elsa sees through the false platitudes of everyone saying it's nothing serious Granny will get better and realises Granny is about to die. Even with this knowledge she is still devastated when Granny passes but soon after finds a letter from Gran in which she asks Elsa to go on one more quest to save their fantasy world.....


What follows is carefully crafted trail of letters with tasks, left by Granny for the purpose of Elsa to learn who Granny used to be and on the way Elsa discovers much more about her family and neighbors and how connected and related they all are, with Granny and Elsa's fantasy world.


A brilliant story that does a great job of showing the world through the eyes of a child and how sometimes kids can be more grown up than they appear


If you have read this book before i'd love to hear your comments below


Published by Matt Fone