Yes, you read right. Therein lies the new Life lesson I learnt during my documentary project on my grandparents.
I do not mean fighting in the literal sense of it, they were just bickering, bearing in mind that they have been married for 60years.

They have been bickering over a matter on the home front before my visit. Grandpa couldn't keep it to himself, so he reported Grandma to my mother and I when we got to their residence.
We called Grandma to hear the allegations herself and she defended herself, reporting Grandpa to us in the process.

So, that day I turned to a Marriage counsellor, mediated in the matter with my Mum and we succeeded in making them stand on a common ground. After then, we had chats and reminisced on past events.

That night, as I lay to sleep in the dimly lit room- the light coming from my Grandma's old Kerosene lantern, I thought about this thing called MARRIAGE, it is not 'beans' o! Even after 60years, a couple can still bicker over matters. Despite knowing each other in and out. Grandpa was still surprised at her, so was Grandma surprised at his stand on the matter.

It is a truth that Marriage is a school you can't graduate from. Also, it is a book you can't finish reading. No page of the book is similar to another.


Another lesson I learnt has to do with a question I have been asking myself since I started my photography career; Why don't Aged-people smile (or partially smile) in pictures no matter how you try to make them do?
Have you noticed that? My last visit to my grandparents taught me lessons which made me understand the WHY?
For you to know and learn also, you need to go close to the aged.

In pictures:
* My grandparents gallery of picture frames.

* My Grandpa love Almanacs, this is one of his numerous Almanac galleries.

* My Grandpa's Wall clock. I swear! It is still working.

* My Grandma's functional kerosene lantern.

Published by Kayode Gideon Balogun