Every year winter rolls around, and every year I spend more  of my time complaining about how much I hate it rather then embrace the winter fashion and being able to snuggle up and spend a whole day in bed watching Netflix, without feeling guilty. Hehe anyone else?


So I've decided to put together a little guide to help us all survive the cold weather and get us through until the warmer months arrive!


1. Invest in a trendy-fashion forward Coat

This for me is a winter fashion must. I mean who doesn't love something that not only looks great but has the added feature of keeping you warm. Make sure to get your hands on something versatile that can be thrown over multiple outfits and look absolutely killer. 




2. Find yourself a good pair of boots that can brave the winter conditions

Boots are a winter staple that everyone needs in their closet. However, in saying that, they need to be winter approved. There's no use in having boots that look fantastic but let the water pour in as you walk through an un-avoidable puddle. Eamon boots have been my ultimate go to this winter. With their sturdy structure and bulky bottoms they make the perfect puddle defying boot. Not only are they super fantastic at keeping water out, they go with just about any outfit. 




3. Netflix it up

Ever just wake up on a Sunday morning to the sound of thunder and lightening and cringe at the thought of getting your perfectly straightened hair wet, or that expensive foundation and perfect winged liner ruined as you make a quick dash for the car. Here's my advice; don't bother. Crank the heater up, make yourself a hot chocolate and just lay in bed ALL day, binge watching your new favourite tv series! I mean, who wouldn't want to lay in bed all day & watch a whole season of American Horror Story?


So that pretty much sums it up, short and sweet (Unlike this awful winter weather). So happy wintering my friends and lets all rejoice in the fact that spring is only 12 days away for us Aussies! 


Much love xxx


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Published by Kaylee Brayne