FitFam Tuesday! 

Today's workout consisted of some cardio and ended with some squats for my monthly squat challenge. I did not write the exact cardio workout, but instead gave you what kind of cardio workout I did and you can choose how you would like to go about doing the exercise as far using whatever mode you would like (bike, treadmill, free run, elliptical, etc) .


I did not do a warm up like I would normally do, which I paid for when I did my squats at the end and my hip flexors were very tight but I pulled through and lesson learned. 


Cardio workout:

  • I did 45 minutes of steady-state cardio at 65%-75% of my heart rate. 

At 65% my heart rate should be around: 127 bpm

At 75% my heart rate should be around: 147 bpm  


Both of these I had to calculate and neither one of these will be the same for everyone, so if you need help calculating yours, let me know and I can help you do that. 


Air Squats: 140 reps 


I am really pulling through with these squats for the challenge, these have been hard but very rewarding, I have seen much results doing them. Also I have been practicing my pistol squats as well and have been doing really well with them (not yet perfect) but good compared to where I was. My goal is to at some point be able to pistol squat on a kettlebell, that would be very rewarding! Hope all of you had a wonderful start to your Tuesday. Please feel free to share, comment, like and follow me. 


Your Fitness Blogger,

Shay-lon xxx 

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