Hey FitFam, 

Happy Monday Motivation! 

I am sorry that it has been so long since everyone has heard from me, but as you all are aware, I take weekends off, with this being said,  I have some fun news for all of you to hear and some boring news! lol. Fun news first? okay! 

So many of you may know that I watch the show "The Walking Dead" - with this being said, I had watched the new episode Sunday night, and afterwards the after show "Talking Dead" came on. I typically am on Facebook when it comes on, because I love tweeting to other people who also enjoy the show. It just so happens that the "Talking "Dead" Host; Chris Hardwick also reads tweets from fans off of twitter.  He only usually picks 2-3 tweets, so not very many. Well.. without me knowing (I wasn't paying attention), he read my tweet LIVE on his show (Everyone in the world, even "The walking dead" cast members heard it.  How did I find this out? Someone on Twitter who I follow and follows me back and we talk about the show every Sunday, let me know and sent me the video footage proof! I LOST MY MIND AND WAS JUMPING UP AND DOWN!!! I was so excited! I am still in disbelief, but I wanted to share this fun news with all of you, the link to

this: https://twitter.com/sannezoom/status/800571142398418944  so all of you can watch it! My Twitter username: ShayM_Fitness.

Now the boring news, my workout for today! ha. 


Warm up:

  • Treadmill: 12 minutes. 3.6 mph - 4 minutes, then alternate between 5.5 mph and 6.5 mph every minute 

I did horribly on this warm - up, I was not feeling very well. I typically can run this fine, with no issues, but for some reason, my stomach was in chaos and so I had to reduce my speed to be comfortable. 


Workout Session: Upper body

  • Wide-grip lap pulldown: 4 X 12 , 85lb
  • One arm alternating dumbbell bench press: 4 X 12, 15lb per arm
  • Tricep assisted dips: Well the assisted machine was taken at the time, so I did it without the machine (standing triceps dips) 4 X 12 
  • Dumbbell Y press: 4 X 12 
  • Weight plate lateral raise: 4 X 12, 5-10lb (I did 2 sets of each weight)
  • Cable straight bar arm curl: 4 X 12, 30lb 

Overall, I enjoyed this upper body workout, but for some reason I felt like I was in the bathroom more than I was lifting. It took me longer to finish my workout.  The good news is, I PRd on my Triceps dips, 8 WAS my highest, now it is 12 reps (standing).  Overall, I am okay, tomorrow is leg day. Also, I will have my Monday Motivation video uploaded on Youtube today, be on the lookout for that as well. 


John, has a weird schedule this week, so my chances of seeing him are small. I made him a workout for Mon-Wed, but Thursday & Friday he said he will not be attending the gym. I will not be posting his workouts for this week. Sorry everyone. 


Your Fitness blogger,

Shay-lon xxxxx




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