Hello FitFam! happy wonderful Tuesday!

Today... Was another day at the good old gym. I woke up hoping that my warm-up would be better than yesterdays, and hoping that something good comes out of workout for my sake. I realized, that being at the gym wasn't a race, so I wasn't going to rush anything, instead take my time and do all I can and do my best, even if I fail, I tried and I would try again tomorrow if I needed to. I came with a positive attitude.. 


Warm up:

  • Treadmill: 12 minutes, 5% incline, 3.4-3.6mph first 4 minutes. Alternate between 5.5mph jog and 6.5mph sprint every minute. 

Again, the cardio sucked, I was on a roll during the first 4 minutes and did very well with the 5.5, but then when starting the 6.5, I stuck with it, but something seemed wrong, something didn't feel right about my body, about the way I was feeling and I didn't want to continue and end up hurting myself. I decided instead, that I would alternate 4.0 and 6.5 speed every minute instead. It worked out fine after that. Although the sweat pouring down my face, let me know things were just getting started. I think another reason my running has been off is I haven't sprinted in a while, I might be starting that time of month soon and because I haven't done interval training in a while either. I managed though and continued on. 


Workout Session:

  • Smith Machine squat with toes elevated: 4 X 12, 105lb
  • Curtsy lunge: 4 X 12
  • Cable Kickback: 4 X 12 per leg, 10lb
  • Seated calf raise: 4 X 12, 50lb
  • Superman: 4 X 12 
  • Side-lying leg raise: 4 X 12 per leg

I will admit the superman's killed me, having to do 4 sets of 12 reps almost made me vomit.. almost. It seems like it would be an easy task, but you feel it and sometimes you just want a break but you realize you aren't done with the set yet so you have to keep going. Me, I take my damn breaks! lol. you can judge me. The lunges after the squats were a good idea because double the leg day burn! got to love it. I did a video of ONE of these exercises for TopicTuesday today, so be on the lookout :) 

My squat for 12 reps, was well, HARD for 105lb, and I had to take a 10 second break between like 5 reps because i am not yet ready to do 12 continuous reps of 105lb. I used to do 200-250 with 10 reps but haven't since graduating college .. my nutrition changed, my training changed, shit happened and now I am trying to get back to it. Anyways, today wasn't a bad day, just a less of a bad day than yesterday. I thought I would inform all of you on some things: Goals of mine. 

  1. I need to still take my exam - hoping next month
  2. I want to get back into CrossFit again and compete this time since when I last did it, college was on my plate and I couldn't manage, along with work - I am hoping this time, I can put my ALL into it and take it more seriously
  3. I want to train to compete in my first Spartan Race/Tough Mudder, have been wanting to do this for a while.  
  4. I want to hit 1000 followers on my blog by the end of this year! haha. - hopeful but won't be upset about it. 

These four things are some of the goals I have for myself, so hopefully I knock them out of the ballpark. I have some other goals, but I don't think I need to give all my se

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