Hey Fitness Studs :) 

Today was another day at the gym this morning, even after missing out on sleep last night because of wanting to finish an article, regardless, today was my leg day and I did some kill exercises to earn me some gains! John was not able to make it again this morning because he had to work, but hopefully he will make it after work today (I sent him the email with his workout for today) but if he doesn't go today, I shall see him tomorrow morning and I will have him do the workout. The gym was quite busy this morning, I think the cooler weather brings people to the gym. Hopefully all of you will appreciate some workouts I did today, it wasn't too kill, I can still feel my legs for the first time in doing a leg day, so I am not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing, depending on who you ask. 




  • I did my warm up on the linear leg press machine. I did no weights , 10 reps and I did leg swings 10 reps each leg. 
Workout Session: 
  • Linear leg press: 370lb at 5 sets and 8 reps, 180 lb at 4 sets and 8 reps, 90 lb at 4 sets and 8 reps. Then no weight at 2 sets and 10-15 reps. 
  • Seated leg press: 90 lb at 1 set and 10 reps. 130lb at 3 sets and 12 reps. 150lb at 3 sets and 12 reps. 190lb at 1 set and 12 reps. 230lb at 2 sets and 12 reps.
  • Seated leg curl- 85lb at 3 sets and 10 reps 
  • 5 minute circuit (Timed): 10 air squats using a 25lb weight plate, 20 Russian twist using a 25 lb weight plate
Cool down: 
  • Treadmill- 8 minutes, 2.5 speed, no incline
Everything felt good and I could have went higher on the seated leg press, but stopped at 230, next time I will see how high I can go, out of curiosity. 370 on the linear leg press is a new PR for me, I have been working on hitting at least 400, although I can do about 390 at 3 reps, lol. So I am improving and will take some time. I normally do about 30-50 Russian twist at one time, but this time I decided to do less. I am thinking about moving up to a 45 lb weight plate for both the air squats and Russian twist, we shall see. Other than that, I wish I could have implemented my calf workout on the leg press and next time I will do the single leg press for the first time since it is a popular one. 
Let me know what you think of my workout today, thanks for reading.
Your Fitness blogger,
Shay-lon xoxo


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