Police last words to their families are I love you and if I don’t make it back home just know that I am so proud of you and I will always love you 

A black man leaving the house and the last words he says is I will be right back 

Not thinking he gonna get popped in a few

Police have the right to shoot 

13 shots when he only needed one 

But you’re trained to shoot and kill 

I learned that from Cleo when she got shot dead and they had the nerve to ask Frankie what’s the procedure when you have a gun to your head 

Pop pop shots rang out and now Frankie is dead 

Another dead body of just another black man

My son

My brother 

My father 

My uncle 

My cousin

And my friend

I will never get to see them again

But you go home to your wife and kids 

Watch movies, eat dinner, and doing all that laughing 

My people mourning over a death that they just can’t quite comprehend

Such as he was innocent– with no weapon in hand

I’m not even safe and I’m a woman

As Malcolm X, once said, the most disrespected person in America is the black woman 

And that seems to be a weapon

Worried if I’m gonna get shot, beat, or tazed

All I was trying to do was graduate or maybe go get some eggs

Being black seems to be a crime and my people are in chains

Fighting for freedom

Fighting for existing 

But you only give us 28 days to reminisce this

Our lives do matter

WE belong here too 

In the words of Jesse Williams: Just because we’re magic doesn’t mean we’re not real

Who knew that making a living

Feeding our families

Making a way to survive would kill us

“Liberty and justice for all”

But you are killing my brothers everyday 

No matter how many surveillance videos there is with definite proof 

There is never justice

No justice for Mike Brown

No justice for Trayvon Martin

No justice for Eric Garner

No justice for Oscar Grant

No justice for Rokia Boyd

No justice for Sandra Bland

No justice for the lives that were taken from the police without thinking twice

A white man commits a crime and it’s mental illness 

You walk him out with a bullet proof vest on

Or he doesn’t get charged that much but if he does he gets off with “good behavior” or parole

They are let off and given another chance

While our melanin poppin’ skin gets slayed

Shot in the head 

Instead of the other 206 bones, you could’ve chosen to use

He’s dead

He’s not given a second chance

It’s scary when the people who are supposed to help save the world is killing us off

The people to make the world a better place

Are the people causing all the hurt

No matter what

Never lose sight of who you are

Stay Black

Stay Woke

Stay Strong

And most importantly stay alive 

And if it so happens that my brothers and sisters are killed please use an appropriate picture instead of their mugshot thank you

Please let us get justice and say rest in peace 

That doesn’t give you the right to search their past history 

Posting stuff about being arrested for charges that doesn’t suffice for his murder

Your past shouldn’t determine your form of death

Why when my brothers get murdered you show the picture of him smoking or showing “gang related” activities instead of him holding his child or maybe his diploma, smiling, even in his cap and gown

Or maybe you don’t have that type of photo filter

My hands are up and I’m gunless

The only weapon I have on me is my tongue

And I’m afraid that one day it’s gonna get me killed, shot dead

"My Hands Are Up and I'm Gunless"

~Lyrae Tsunami


Published by Lyrae Tsunami