And here I sit, in my happy place.

Alone, dark and silent. Yes, this is my happy place.

Why are you surprised?

What’s wrong with being alone, sitting in darkness and hearing to silence?

Spend some time with yourself; you will know who you really are.

Switch off the lights; the darkness will enlighten you.

Hear what silence speaks.

I drag the last puff of my cigarette, and raise my head to the sky.

I see tiny pearls winking at me.

I feel the breeze talking to me.

I see the trees waving to me.

I know what you have imagined about my personality; introvert, aloof and freak.

You see it’s all about perspective.

Maybe I could find my happy place in your soul.

Maybe your soul will enlighten mine.

Maybe your voice will break the silence of my solitude.

But until any of these ‘maybe’ come true, I will sit in my happy place.

Alone, dark and silent.


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Published by Jaydeep Bansal