Chapter 120

Three People

Izuku and Katsuki face off, as they both gain and quickly lose their advantages, the victor is finally determined, Katsuki. Afterward, All Might arrives to tells Katsuki why he choose Izuku as his successor. He tells Katsuki that "on that day, Izuku was more of a Hero than anybody else and felt that it was his duty to help Izuku stand in the arena whereas Katsuki was already standing in the arena."


Katsuki says that he's "weak," due to him "not being able to free himself from the League of Villains." He clams that All Might is no longer a hero. Might replies that it's not his fault and "all roads have an end and he was going to land up in his pitiful state no matter what."  All Might tells Katsuki that he is strong and hugs him.


All Might says that due to their different ideals, they "cannot maintain their sense of justice as Heroes." He believes that if "they can recognize each other and honestly raise each other up, they can become the best Heroes who both win and rescue." Katsuki still finds it hard to believe that Izuku still loses, even with the help of All Might. Izuku promises he will continue to get stronger and one day beat Katsuki.


Katsuki asks who is aware of the relationship between All Might and Izuku. All Might tells him that Mr. Principal and Recovery Girl know. Katsuki agrees to keep it a secret as well. This chapter was interesting regarding All Might's belief that Katsuki and Izuku have imperfect ideals. It seems that Katsuki and Izuku will need to become both stronger and better partners, to balance their conflicting views.

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