I am lucky enough to have a gym at home. It’s not much, but with the equipment I have, it’s everything to me. I’ve never been one to be a gym rat. I use to have a gym membership, but didn’t like having to commute. I also liked that I was by myself and could exercise in the luxury of my own home.

All my equipment has accumulated overtime. Some I have gotten as gifts, others I have saved up for or got as hand-me-downs. My equipment is also pretty basic. You don’t need any fancy equipment to have a good, effective workout. 


Here is a list of my equipment:

I use all my equipment interchangeably. I have a small area in my basement where I am lucky enough to store my equipment and also have space to perform my exercises. I keep the floor covered with foam mats (mine can be found here), and absolutely love them. 

Since this space is somewhat small, I have to keep my equipment organized and get creative when performing certain exercises. The ceilings are low, so when standing I cannot perform a shoulder press correctly. Thankfully now I have the utility bench, but prior to that I would sit in boat pose to perform overhead exercises. Hello engaging abs!


I also move my equipment around constantly. Whatever equipment I will be using I move onto the mat so I can have what I need right in front of me. What I hate the most is looking for equipment between reps and sets. I feel I waste time, and also it makes me feel all over the place. Remember, failure to prepare is preparing to fail.


It’s possible for anyone to have a gym at home. You don’t necessarily have to have a whole room in your house to keep your exercise equipment. Before I moved my equipment downstairs, I kept my weights in the living room in a corner. It’s all about getting creative. Yes, you’ll probably have to move equipment around as you use it. This aspect I don’t mind at all because I know that I feel most comfortable exercising at my home, and I also perform exercises better.

So what are your thoughts on a home gym? Do you have one or aspire to have one? How do you keep your equipment organized? Please share! Always looking for more ideas!


Published by Rebecca Salvas