Today, I shall be sharing with you a little part of me. I thought I should share with you more about myself to bond and allow you to better understand me. Thus this post is about where I come from; and also, this post is in celebration of Singapore's 51st Birthday on the 9th August 2016. 

I am born and raised in sunny Singapore, a tiny red dot in the world map. It may look small on the map, however it has a huge character as a nation. Something I love about Singapore is its diversity. With that, I am exposed to many religion, language and culture. I get to enjoy homemade chapati (flatbread origin from India) during Deepavali, Nasi Lemak (Coconut rice with dishes) during Hari Raya and roast beef during Christmas. 

The flavours of food are celebrated islandwide. The diversity ranges from Vietnamese food to Japanese and the infusion of flavours can be interesting and foreign at the same time. Thus with getting more exposure, I gradually grew to love trying out new and funky items, as well as, cultivating a love for travel and curiosity. I would want to find out the origin of the food and dream of visiting it's birthland. 

Below are some pictures of the food in Singapore!

(On the above picture, we have a plate of prawn noodles, cooked in a rich prawn broth with a mixture of other seafood such as squid and fish cake. On the bottom right, we have a steamed rice cake with preserved vegetables. The top right corner are fried carrot cake, and no, they are not cake, they are rice cake, fried with eggs and preserved vegetables.) 


Left: The dish above might not look appealing, but the blend of flavours is absolutely incredible. It is assam sotong. Assam is a spice from the Malay cuisine, it has a hint of sourness and fishiness and pack full of spiciness. Sotong is squid! I love this dish, love love love! 

Right: The dish is called Rojak! You HAVE to try it if you are ever in Singapore. It is like a Singapore Salad. There are dough fritters, pineapple, cucumber, bean sprouts and white radish tossed in a sweet sauce. It is then served with a generous topping of crushed peanuts. 


As you can see, cuisines from all over the world are celebrated in Singapore! 


To me, food and travel always comes together. You do not need to take a plane to take you elsewhere to try something new. I could merely board a bus and let it take me to somewhere within the country and try something I have never come across. It's all about the curiosity in you and how eager you want to know about it. 

Living in Singapore for 18 years, I managed to see it grow in the food industry and I am so blessed to be living in a globalised city with a variety of cuisines. Thanks to Singapore, I learnt to venture with the mindset of being wanting to learn more and being fascinated with the process. Traveling around the world is then made special. Hence Singapore is one of the reasons why I love traveling and food! 

Thank you for reading this piece and I hope you have enjoyed it. Till next time, See you! 

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