Ok here is my full review on Suicide Squad, so if you haven’t seen it or don’t want spoilers skip passed this, however this is all my own personal opinion so if you want to read on you can.
As we all know from the trailers for it, it has most of the DC Comics villains or as they say all the time in the film ‘bad guys’ which can get very annoying very quickly. now my opinions on the casting of all these villains and the main villain of the film.
Will Smith as Deadshot, brilliant casting choice however they did try and give him some comedic lines that failed and didn’t really fit the Deadshot character. Also playing on his father side showing him with his daughter, and at the end with his daughter is such a cliche move.
Now time for Margot Robbie who takes on Harley Quinn, She ruined Harley, she tried to play her as most people know madly in love with the joker…. I’ll get to him soon and it won’t be pretty. Now back to Margot, what can I say…. It was one of the worst choices ever! She sounded like a 6 year old girl they also tried to make her funny which fall flat on its face, they also gave her the most stupidest costumes throughout the film, it looked like they had ran out of fabric for her! She was almost naked half the time. Of course this would be great for men and some woman to watch with the sex appeal, but when she is not the main focus of the camera she does look very uncomfortable.
Now time for Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Killer Croc, well there is not much to say here as you don’t really see or hear much of him, so we will leave it here.
Jai Courtney as Boomerang, boring choice of actor and still don’t get why he is in this movie.
Jay Hernandez as Diablo same as Boomerang, very boring throughout the film, sacrifices himself at the end of the film for what glory? redemption? YAWN!
Karen Fukuhara as Katana, don’t even know what she is doing there, and subtitles would have been nice, as she doesn’t speak english during the film.
Now Joel Kinsman as Rick Flag, his character is madly in love with Cara Delevingne characters aka June Moone/Enchantress this is playing on everyones heart stings but it can get very boring and at some points really, really creepy.
Now it for Viola Davis who plays Amanda Waller, the person who gets all of these people together as a ‘Taskforce’ its Will Smith who called them a Suicide Squad, now at the start of the film you think she is really good, middle you don’t like her as much, the end you kinda like her again, very confusing character.
Now for Cara Delevingne characters aka June Moone/Enchantress she is the main villain in this movie, where all the other ones are on a mission to get to her, which happens near the end of the movie shocker, and this fight scene between them last all of 5 minutes just like Batman vs Superman you wait all that time for a major let down.
Now for the worst choice ever! Jared Leto as The Joker, DC COMICS WHAT THE HELL WAS YOU THINKING!?
Now don’t get me wrong I love 30 Seconds To Mars, I love Jared as a singer and some movies he has started in he has been good, but not for The Joker, he has ruined him so much, also the Joker doesn’t really fit into this movie, in this movie he is on his own mission just to rescue Harley so I don’t see why he is in here, there isn’t really a place for him, and I’m still really angry about him ruining the Joker, he plays it more as a psychopath maniac, and he just has a really weird and not in a good way laugh, it was very boring and not like the Joker in any way, I know each actor needs to put their own spin on characters they play, but I’m sorry Heath Ledger will always be my favorite Joker!
Ok so now we can actually start reviewing the actually story of the movie, so we start to see all the characters in their cells and we start getting flash backs of how they got there which is highly annoying, and of course Batman and The Flash has to appear in two of them which you start to think they maybe turn up to start a fight with them during the movie, you are highly wrong. These flashbacks are thanks to Amanda Waller, who is trying to get them as the ‘Taskforce’ you also get information about them which is sort of useless if you know your way around DC, if not and this is your first DC movie, I feel so sorry for you.
So as we go through this movie you soon learn that it is all about them and how the government is using them, we do get mentions of Gotham City and other Cities throughout the DC Universe but it is mostly through the characters trying to get to know each other as they have been thrown together.
There is a lot of action in this movie which is like a mix of Resident Evil with the weird bad bad guys they kill and Avengers (yes DC is trying to overthrow the Avengers and its not working) however you don’t get to see a lot of ‘normal people’ apart from a train station scene, so its almost like they have built a city just to have them tested and its so boring, its almost like the studio didn’t want to pay extras….
As we get to the end of the film you guessed it they were successful in their mission, and was going to ride off into the sunset, but nope Amanda Waller is back to throw them all back into Jail so it was just basically a little trip out for them, however they do get some of the stuff they want to make their cells a little better, but as we know the Joker rappers to break Harley out which she sees him and is happy and says the iconic name ‘Puddin” and he says to her ‘Lets go home’ so boring! Then we get a extra scene with Amanda Waller taking to none other than Bruce Wayne and hands him a file on The Flash, Aqua Man, and other characters…. yes you guessed it leading up to the Justice League movie, which is probably going to fall like this and Batman vs Superman.
Out of 10 I would give this movie a 5.5, some of the choices was ok some where just awful. The story telling of this movie was poor and it makes me think that DC is just recording movies to try and get on the same level as Marvel which won’t happen.
If you want to go see it by all means go, I just don’t think it it worth paying so much at the cinema to come out and feel really disappointed.

Published by Ameliarose Newman