It’s two years to the day that my last Contiki trip started and what a day it was!

To be able to celebrate America’s Independence in the city that it was signed in was something very special and a day that will long be in my memory. Philadelphia would be beautiful all year round but to be there on this special day just added to its beauty, the day started off with the journey from New York to Philly and with not wanting to waste a minute we headed straight for the festivities and to wait for our guided historic walking tour of the town.

Not only were we able to see the liberty bell that morning but we also had the opportunity to listen to Vice-President Joe Biden speak and although we were at the back of Independence Mall the moment was never the less any lower than what it would’ve been. The day then lead to our walking city tour and this is something everybody should do, stopping off to try the world famous Philly cheese-steak and walking through learning about the history of the city on such a historic day was just mind-blowing and real moment to just stand back and savour, and for it all to be taking place on the first day of the contiki was something special.

The night then took us to Party on the Parkway, one of the largest free concerts that you will find, nearly a quarter of a million pack in to the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to see some of the worlds best perform. That night we were able to witness The Roots, Jennifer Hudson, Nicki Minaj and also Ed Sheeran perform, but that wasnt the thing that I took most from the evening.

What I will take away from that day and evening and it is something that would be experienced around the world on various national holidays and that is one of comradeship and patriotism, being able to stand amongst a quarter of a million people celebrating its national day, trying the city’s food and witnessing what the day means to them is something special and something that if the chance is there everybody should soak up and jump at the opportunity to experience in what ever shape or form that maybe.

If you have been able to experience Independence Day in America or have travelled to a town or country during its national holiday I welcome you to leave a comment with one of your favourite memories from the day or trip.

Published by Jackson Mahoney