I recently returned to work this last Monday, and I brought an angry new piece of baggage along with me. I was irritated, frustrated, and actually pretty Angry. What made me so angry? This comment: "It must be so nice to go to work and get away from the kids." The moment I read the message in my inbox ( I won't tell from who, I don't rant and tell) I balled up my fists. What is it about being a working mother that makes people think that you go to work to get away from your kids? In no way, shape, or form is going to work a break for the working mother. We are not at the spa or getting our nails done. This isn't drinks with the girls or date night. We are WORKING. It may not be the same work we are doing at home but it is still work. We are their for 9 hours out of our day, doing what we need to do so that every month we are bringing income into our household. All the while, we are thinking about and missing our kids. Being away from those sweet faces is so hard, but is so worth it when you get to surprise them with a new book for story time. Do I feel guilty? Of course I do. But it always feels better when I remember the 45 hours a week I am gone from them, is for them. I am not on vacation, I don't need your help feeling guilty, and I love my kids just as much as a stay at home mom does. period. So an open statement to those who think otherwise: Shove it.

Published by Karin H