When you've got 68 hours left in the country what are you supposed to do with it? There's the saying goodbye shenanigans which personally I'm awful at. Feelings are something I don't do. Gushy, sentimentality kinda makes me want to vom. Of course I'm going to miss people but I don't have to declare my undying love for them and tell them how I'm going to pine for them, because quite frankly I am about to go and have the time of my life. Plus travelling isn't the same as it used to be with Skype and all that. I could Skype my attendance in at every family dinner time if I wanted. Of course there is no way in hell I'm going to do that because, well, I'm going to be having far too much fun for that. Yeah so there's that but that only takes up so much time because you know I'm not too popular just gotta say goodbye to my one friend and all those people who are genetically designed to love me because they're related to me.

I bet you're all probably thinking I would be stressing packing and buying stuff with 3 days to go, but I'm not going to lie to you, 3 days in advance everything is packed and one hundred and fifty percent ready to go. Yes I have an inner Monica Geller. Being organised and on time is my thing. Being late is my worst nightmare. I write lists galore to make sure I have everything and mentally check items off a list I hold in my head. If I could get to the airport 24 hours early and wait at the gate, I'm pretty sure I would just to make sure I wasn't late. Yes I am insane and proud to be so.

So with no packing to do that basically just leaves me with one thing to do until I can go catch my flight straight outta here, major procrastination. Eating ridiculous levels of all my favourite foods because I'm about to go overdose on noodles, googling incredibly useless facts which I can whip out to impress all the new friends I'm going to make ("Did you know that kangaroos have three vaginas?" - it's going to go down a storm) and the obligatory binge watching of your favourite TV series which is the King of wasting time especially when you've watched every episode at least 4 times already.

That my friends is how I am making the most of my time, eating steak in front of the TV, treasuring the precious few hours I have left with my family. I realise I haven't actually told you where I'm going, Bangkok is where my adventure begins, roll on the endless days of sweat. Unlike what I am told that women merely glow, I unfortunately have inherited the sweaty genes so I am preparing myself for 2 months of constant dampness. That being said it cannot be anything on the Costa Rican jungle. After showering we would use talcum powder to dry ourselves. Yep that is how humid it is. So I'm thinking if I survived that I'll be fine right? Plus all the sweating is probably going to cleanse my soul allowing me to truly find myself. *rolls eyes and fake pukes* I ain’t no wanna be hippy so if you’re after soul-searching and being at one with the world then I am not your gal. If however you want to read about all the stupid stuff I get up to with a sassy, realistic take on it all, feel free to keep reading.

Peace out y'all

Oh I do have more than one friend by the way

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